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It looks like this feature is best with mini-series, in which case the recent Netflix "Self-Made" would be a strong pick.
Otherwise, in order to keep a relatively low episode count, without cliffhanger endings waiting for future seasons, anime is your best bet. The below shows are 12 episodes or less (and since they're half-hour shows, could do 2 eps per liveblog, and complete in 6 days).
Zombieland Saga is on Crunchyroll or Funimation, both services can be watched free with ads.
Hisone to Masotan is on Netflix.
A Place Further than the Universe is on Crunchyroll.
Girls Und Panzer (and its sequel movie) is on Netflix.
Paranoia Agent is on Funimation.
Keep Your Hands Off of Eizouken is on Crunchyroll.

But also, isn't the liveblogging format the perfect opportunity for re-watching things, since you don't get to do that for this site often? However about some Leverage, Doctor Who, or Yuri on Ice?

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On Netflix:
Into the Spider-Verse
Spy Kids
Looney Tune Back in Action
Train to Busan
Purple Rain
Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro

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Recommending The Librarians, which is made by the same folks who did Leverage.
It's like Doctor Who but with a whole team of Doctors instead of just the one, and magic instead of Scifi. Complete at 4 seasons.
There are 3 TV movies from before the show, but aren't necessary to watch the show. They could be bonus commissions or something.

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Sincere question: Are fool/foolish also under the same rule?

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There are some nations where changing gender is fine, but homosexuality is not, so they force gay men to undergo surgery.

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"If someone who can't speak English and is unfamiliar with the country is still finding work while you aren't, consider that the problem may not be with them."

This is a simplification, though. Employers are hiring them for lower wages because they can, and citizens can't meaningfully fight back against that. They don't take certain jobs because it doesn't pay enough for them to live on. And like with the long-lasting effects of tariff wars even after they end, American laborers haven't necessarily gone back to the jobs whose benefits are now raising in light of a worker shortage (in construction and agriculture) because they were so badly burned before.

That Tweet's logic is the same as "welp, we can't compete against exploitative labor practices better production costs in overseas, cry moar about jobs outsourcing, maybe the unions begging for more benefits are the issue hmmmmmm?"

The solution here isn't anti-immigrant sentiment, though, it's to make legal immigration much easier. An incentive for people to oppose slavery was that it undercut their own wages. If immigrants can't be threatened with deportation to cut their benefits, then the inventive to hire them over a citizen decreases. So it's very important that the golems be treated as employees (requiring days off) not just for their own sake, but for the humans', as well.

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Hello, completely off topic, but I just want to say I reread Patchwork Heroes in a fit of nostalgia last month, and it still holds up.

(The hilarious thing being I originally read PH before ever seeing or playing FF6, so your sprites looked way more "natural" to me than the originals for a long time, hah.)

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"If anyone says there’s no reason to hope, I’ll tell them they’re wrong every single time." -- Kaname Madoka

This is why, no matter how frustrated I get with the anime industry's output as a whole, I still find that anime provides certain stories at a higher frequency than live-action everywhere and Western cartoons. A kind of decisive optimism, a fundamental humanism. Reclaiming the concept of the ubermensch from fascist fuckwads, staking out that achieving the superhuman comes from true caring for others.

I joke that the best stories tend to be the ones where "Everything is AT Fields", having themes of overcoming the barriers we put up to avoid connecting with others. Hand in hand with this is the concept of performativity. I think that everyone is performative 24/7, but that that isn't mutually exclusive with sincerity, either.
In Steins;Gate, these two themes are exemplified by Hououin Kyouma. At one point in the story, he is both a crutch and a wall to others. In a lot of stories, Okabe's newfound maturity would culminate in his "leaving behind childish things" and discarding it forever. But nuance matters. Performativity is not inherently bad, nor is it mutually exclusive with sincerity. Hououin Kyouma can be Okabe's truest self, a means of connecting to others. Sometimes, the child is better at relationships, by ignoring certain societal expectations. Okabe learns the difference.
(Obviously, the subtext is to extend this to otaku culture, pushing back against the claim that otaku are emotionally stunted. I don't think the show quite succeeded with that argument, but ah well. But you do get that with the case of Kurisu, who is shown to secretly participate in fandom without picking up the less healthy parts of the culture.)

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So you liked Nolan's Interstellar film, I take it?

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Although, a big difference is that the time loops are in danger of permanently ending if Okabe himself dies, which isn't the case with most time loop episodes. So since he still has to protect himself, death remains a terrifying force, for everyone.
The closest we got to Okabe losing his morals would be when he assaulted Moeka, but even that was more from too much passion than from apathy.