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I definitely think that Granny put Tiffany forward as a way to goad Ms Earwig into making sure that Annagramma would get the steading. I think Granny Weatherwax knows that Annagramma will get a rude awakening once she takes up the post (and hopefully will learn that most of what Ms Earwig taught her was unhelpful). I also think its a bonus that Annagramma getting taught that lesson will embarrass and discredit Ms Earwig, just the kind of smart and nasty justice Granny is so good at.

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I really loved most of this section but I do find it a little odd that the watch showers have never been mentioned before but were chosen as the venue for Angua and Sally to have a very personal conversation. I thought the actual content of the conversation was really good which just made it weirder for me that it took place whilst being naked, in communal showers. Likewise I thought it was a little strange that we had never been in a strip club on the disc world before but Angua and Sally turned up there, also naked, covered in mud and having to walk home in stripper outfits despite the fact that a lot of strippers come to work in sweats and change there so there would of definitely been less sexy clothes for them to wear. I don't mind it so much, as its in a book, but if this wherein TV I would think it was really gratuitous and it kind of took me away from their growing friendship as I was so aware that they're supposed to be sexy.

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I completely agree and I also personally really like that the 'hero' characters in the disc world like Vimes and Granny Weatherwax are not always super good people that do the right thing and never make bad choices. Vimes' guilty neglect of some family commitments makes him feel loads more real to me as I feel like these are the kinds of choices that real people in his kind of job would have to make and sometimes he messes up and disappoints Sybil, but he is always there when it counts.

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This is the first Discworld book that I'm in the same boat as Mark for as I've never read it. In fact I've only seen one of the book covers before so I have no idea whats going to happen. It's already super different from the mental picture I had based on the book cover (v gubhtug vg jnf nobhg purff, V'ir ab vqrn jul). I love how it's shaping up so far.

Going on from what Mark said about having to make your identity palatable for people (and I know I'm going to sound really stupid and heterosexual here) but I recently found out that the sex life of several of my friends involves regular enemas. This was such a revelation to me that in hindsight I'm super mad at myself for never having thought about it before. I'm also mad that this was never mentioned in any sex ed class I had ever been to and I think that this is rooted in that palatability that Mark was talking about. I don't know what else to say about it other than that I think its unfair that people have to edit out sections of their lives for public consumption, but I would be really interested to hear other peoples thoughts.

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Mark asked people to address it in the comments so I will say that I have experienced misogyny through people being very polite to me, almost in the same way as you would be with a child playing at tea parties. You sort of get the impression that you are being treated as a gentle flower who is constitutionally unable of dealing with the rough and tumble of the 'real' world. Either that or you can tell that the person talking with you is worried that they are sexist and they're therefore being super polite and attentive to make up for it.