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Al Jazeera had a televised broadcast in Gaza during "Protective Edge" It reported 24 hours. I watched horrified how they shot and killed unarmed civilians, bombed Palestinians homes where children
were buried under rubble of destroyed homes. They killed animals,
even the only electric tower in Gaza. IDF solders sitting on Tanks, shooting people who tried to run for safety and laughing when they hit a target.When Israels thirst for retribution was satisfied, 2310 Palestinians were killed-551 children and.299 women lay dead.
11.000 others were wounded, a third of them children, with over 1,000 permanently disabled.
I have never forgotten this savage slaughter of people who had no place to hide and were hunted like animals,

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Donald Trump is a vindictive, hateful man. Most of what he said about Iran is a total lie. Even the Germans said, that after France
and the UK begged him not to tear up the Nuclear Agreement, DT
did it anyhow, without thinking that their trade agreement with Iran
might be in great danger. They also found his speech deeply shocking. They also will ask the European Union to protect them from sanctions, that DT promised to slap on Iran- if that is possible.
It was Netanyahu,s vicious lies that Iran was violating the agreement
that that caused the
European,s to come to the conclusion, that US now stands alone.

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Even before it,s artificial declaration of statehood Israel,s Zionist hordes used terror to obtain their goal. During that time, hundreds of British police and military were injured or assassinated by explosives, snipers or lynching. Jewish terrorists
attacked the British and Palestinian infrastructure, they robbed banks and bombed military installations,. They sabotaged railways, bridges , using booby traps, the same terror that is carried out today with B35 bombers in Syria, killing
Iranian military fighters. Israel claims it has carried out 100 military missions in Syria, But their goal is Iran. They claimed today: If Iran attacks Israel, they will eliminate President Assad, or even assassinate him. They also want to attack Iran"sooner than later" Encouraged by DT in the US, who wants to dissolve the Iranian Nuclear agreement P5+1, Israel is getting ready for war with Iran.
It will set the whole Middle East on Fire. Israel can,t do it alone and once again
The US will fight another war for Israel.
No more war for Israel!

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The health of American democracy are all too apparent,
Benjamin Netanyahus speech, a shameless attempt at goading the United States into breaking it's
obligation under an international agreement as a prelude to fighting a war which would serve Israel's
interests, ought to ignite a full and transparent debate on American national security policy in the Middle East.
A failure to do this risks future costly disasters which would dwarf the debacles of Iraq, Libya and Syria.
Adeyinka Makinde (a writer based in London.

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We have a government in the US that has dedicated itself to stand with apartheid Israel =both sides of the isle. Fairness and truth no longer exists. Israel can do whatever it wants-there are no consequences. Most of us regular people in the US feel deeply
about the injustice and killing of innocent Palestinians,especially in Gaza-the biggest open-air prison in the World.
We stand with Palestine to be free and their dream of a better tomorrow will come true.

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Israel bombed a Iranian missile storage in Syria last night, killing eleven Iranians, Israel is waiting for Iran to retaliate, so they finally can attack Iran like they have wanted to, for a very long time

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Netanyahu suffers from sadistic personality disorder. Iran turned all its centrifuges and depleted Uranium over to the IAEA in 2013,
Iran was allowed to keep a small amount of said Uranium that could never be used to produce Nuclear Weapons, The last inspection by the IAEA was February 22nd ,2018.
In 2010 and 2012,Israel assassinated 3 Top Nuclear Scientists in Iran. US knew about it, but Israel was never held accountable for the killing.

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The US, UK, France and Israel should pay for the re-construction of _Syria. After all, the lies they told that Assad was killing his own people and used chemical weapons to poison his own people.
They want Assad gone to steal all his oil and natural gas.
Their greed has killed over 500.000 people and destroyed this once ancient country.

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The credit so far goes to Moon who really wants to unite the two countries, I would not trust the US to somehow derail this peace