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"I used poor word choice."

Can we get that made into a badge or a business card in case of an emergency? It worked so well for Don Imus. Oh wait...

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"Long Live Jeff Beck"

My favorite! Richie Blackmore is a close second.

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There's probably still the same amount of needles(unknown talented artists), it's just that the haystack is much bigger than it used to be, and I don't have as much interest in finding one of those artists as I used to.

I have a small recording studio in my house that cost around $5,000. It would have cost 20 times as much during the 60's and 70's. So more people have better, cheaper equipment, that can make more professional sounding recordings but maybe don't have the quality songs or talent to go with it. These songs can now be heard around the world with the click of a mouse on the internet. There's your bigger haystack.

During the 70's I bought tickets, stood in long lines and saw bands like Pink Floyd, ZZ Top and Genesis. It was an event for me and my friends. It's the only way we used to be able to see them. Now there's videos on YouTube and elsewhere for just about every band. It's taken the mystery out of the whole thing. Or maybe it's just sobriety and getting older.

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Wow, I'm jealous! All I usually get is pithy ones. My favorite, "You suk!"

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As a conservative I'm hoping he was telling Chavez off for embarrassing him with the gift of a book blaming America for all the problems of Central America, both past and present.

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Coming soon...."Everybody Lay Off Gary Graham"

"I like him. He’s nice guy (or so I’ve heard). If you’re irritated at him defending Dave Konig who defended Tom Shillue who defended Janeane Garofalo, you’re just going to have to take my word for it. (Or at least the guy’s word who told me Graham was a nice guy.)" etc. etc.

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Tsk...tsk...repent of your carbon sins and pay your indulgences in the form of a "carbon offset" ye mockers. It's not too late. High Priest Al Gore may still give you absolution for a small fee.

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Enjoyed reading both columns but the Tom/Dave tag-team match doesn't seem to be working out here on Big Hollywood.

The use of stereotyping by way of terms like "racist," "bigot," and "hater" is just another way of telling someone to shut up. Since there's no way to respond to those words in a way that will educate that person and resolve the conflict, both Tom and Dave have a point. However, most of us conservative types are tired of holding our mud or even having that suggested to us.

It's good for the soul to vent at times(the Bible says to "be angry but sin not") but accomplishes little that is constructive. Both sides have a point. The Janeane Garafolo dartboard will have to do until I can think of something better.

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While I prefer early Fleetwood Mac, with Peter Green(Albatross, Black Magic Woman, Oh Well), and Danny Kirwan(Bare Trees, Future Games), I do enjoy Buckingham's guitar work. One of the odd things about his playing is that, unlike most rock guitarists, he doesn't use a pick. As a guitarist myself, I can tell you that's not easy to do on an electric.

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At least he didn't allow himself to be hung up and beaten like a pinata, to atone for the sins of the American capitalist pigs. Always look for the positive, Greg.