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Aww... Scoothulhu is so adorable it's insane.

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In case anyone is collecting the Mcdonalds pony toys they have right now and would like to trade, I have both Pony Twilight and Equestria Girls Twilight still in the package and looking for the Equestria Girls Applejack and Equestria Girls Fluttershy.

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Granted this shirt was done by a much more talented artist, and I know there's probably no connection, but I can't help but get a familiar feeling from this: http://ceramicpony.deviantart.com/art/Dinky-the-D...

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There are so many charities, I wish I could help on all of them.

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I have a custom Lil Pip up over on ebay if anyone is a Fallout Equestria fan http://www.ebay.com/itm/My-Little-Pony-Fallout-Eq... I sent it in to the submit box Friday, but with the lack of Nightly Roundups by the time it gets posted the auction will already be over. So have at it!

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They're pretty interesting, my favorite is actually just a small pamphlet. When I first saw it I was like cool an old pamphlet on UFOs, then I looked closer and noticed it had a subtitle. UFOs: Satan's Deception. It's all about how you UFOs are a demonic conspiracy to lead people astray. Also the government is involved and they check for mad cow disease by flying black helicopters over farmers fields at night, plucking cows up, mutilating them, then unceremoniously dropping them back in the field, cause that apparently makes more sense than aliens. It was beautifully hilarious.

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But..... I already work at the Library, most the books I have came from their book sales, they don't want them back, lol. Also I don't think schools want books from the 70's about UFO's

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Yea, it's relieving to watch a show where the chances of character death are next to nil. Especially when you're finally getting around to watching the 2004 Battlestar Galactica, lol

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I don't disagree, but one thing I noticed is fans overestimating based on assumptions. For example a lot of people think of Celestia and Luna being godlike..... only they really haven't done much besides raise the sun and moon. And get defeated, alot. I love the mythology in the show and while it's fun to draw comparisons, we don't have any control over the content. Story takes precedence over mythology, if they thought getting rid of Discord was the right thing for the story they would do it, characters have to be written out all the time. You also have to think of all the times in stories seemingly untouchable beings have died or been diminished. Like I said, chances are they won't though, Discord is one of my favorite characters ^_^

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It's kind of like Wal Mart, it's a necessary evil.