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If you look up excerpts from 'Plato's Stepchildren' on youtube, you'll find that Shatner was a pony before it was cool! And only the great and powerful Trixie can whinny better than William Shatner. I now want to hear Shatner decry the neighsayers :)

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Wow. That's mighty neutral of you ;P yikes!

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That's not Hasbro art, it's fanart. Much like Tara posted saucy Twilight. It's not a Hasbro statement, not Hasbro art, and not posted under the Hasbro banner. I think it's inevitable that folks will angrily demand that Hasbro release a statement (really, what they'll be saying is 'stone Ashleigh Ball!') but in fact Hasbro need not make ANY response at all, here. It'll blow over if they ignore it. They can ignore it or not: it's a pretty damn innocuous 'statement' to endorse, and it's pretty easy to say 'while we approve of the statement it's not representative of canon and there hasn't been an AppleDash wedding, consult your episodes and see for yourself'.

If it IS from an upcoming episode, I've just been antiJossed like nopony was ever antiJossed :)

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Oddly enough, I'm just drawing to the close of a sixth pony book, all of which have gone 'to shipping and BEYOND!', and in every case I ended up shipping voice actresses' characters with each other. It began by accident, I think, and then I sorta ran with it.

AppleDash has been great ever since the Running Of The Leaves. Can't beat 'galloping off into the sunset making cow-eyes at each other'.

I tried PinkieShy, but my Fluttershy stayed screwed-up and frustrated until it came to light that (a) she was straighty mcStraightersons to the Nth degree, horse version, and (b) she was a vampire (thanks Bats!). They still love each other very much, though.

Most amusingly, Derpy Hooves turned out to be the ideal stable anchor for my very complicated and fragile Rarity.

I've got no idea what the rest of the voice actresses would make of my shenanigans and would never, ever ask (most inappropriate in my opinion! My writing is brony-exclusive!) but it's enlightening to see that Ashleigh can play along with memes like this to support gay rights (such as to marry).

I'd point out also, that she's not exactly in the vanguard here but comfortably following what her society has already established—and that, while she doesn't 'own' Dashie and Applejack, if she tried marrying Dash to a pony she DIDN'T voice, it'd seem much more serious and require another voice actress's approval to do properly. Since she voices Dash and Applejack, posting a picture 'marrying' them is like a puppet show with her wearing a puppet on each hoof. It's just her making a little statement about tolerance.

I have no idea what Lauren Faust would make of it. She never said Dashie WASN'T gay, just that it was offensive to mandate that she was due to her hair color.

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Yep. I tried to get into the music scene too—and I _am_ a professional with the proper equipment and more than twenty years of playing-stuff experience, which shows up in at least some of my tracks (I always go back to the cover I did of 'Wing Power', which is a great brony song).

Didn't really help, my stuff got buried too. My first track, "On To Something Good", went viral on funnyjunk for the purposes of mockery, and the other ones that got onto EqD ended up with a few thousand listens.

I pretty much concluded that pony didn't want me (few people ever SAID 'yay, do more') and now I just do whatever, with no concern for whether it's pony. If I do get a pony song I promise I'll throw it at EqD in case the few listeners left are interested. I also promise it won't be dubstep XD

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I'm just thrilled because I set a new record for anti-Jossing :)
The Old Castle: check (you'll find it on my FIMpage AND on Equestria Daily itself)
Rarity squeeing over tapestries and determined to rescue them and restore them: check
Helpless character mistaken for something else, in danger of crushing from something falling on them: check
Falling rock thing: check
Straining to heroically lift heavy object, check
Pretty much not Jossed much over here. Thanks! XD

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It's okay to give a fuck. You're a brony, ain'tcha? We're allowed to love our waifus and think thoughts about whether hurting women (of whatever species) is normal or spoiler-tag worthy. I'll cheerfully look at freaky vore pictures behind tags. I just figure certain other things should be behind tags BECAUSE I would never look at those ones willingly.

Pony fans are allowed to not buy into masculine societal attitudes. That was a gift straight from Lauren Faust, and not to be lightly rejected.

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#9- I don't get why massive cum inflation, hyper cock etc are put behind a tag but this ain't. Is abuse that mainstream that seeing balls the size of Volkswagens is expected to upset people and hurt their feelings, but beating the crap out of the ponies we love (which I've seen pics of) and straight-up hurting them without a pretense of a bondage scenario is totally legit? This one just reminds me of that stuff.

Seeing as I'm politely wandering away from these parts I thought I might as well say something rather than just silently bail…

'abuse' tag plz? That or no tags at all, 'cos I am fine with not having to click through for the trippy inflation/hyper/whatever stuff.

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Challenge? Heh.

Ode To Dashie's Best Part (you never said it had to be Twilight)

I love my Dash: how may I count the ways?
First I must tear mine eyes from their sweet trance
Rose pony peepers stroke me with a gaze
Of ruby fire even at a glance.

Oh, Rainbow, let me worship your sweet form
In all its parts: indeedy, those who would
Your tragic lack of magic zapper scorn
Don't know the goodies that do the most good.

It ain't your perky whiffermuzzle, dear,
That I would so impassionedly defend
Your smile's adorable, and yet I fear
They're still examining the wrong dang end.

Now, lots of ponies got tree buckers, sure,
But I believe that yours are seen most fair
Not when at work or trotting strong and pure
But when they're sticking up into the air.

Your hug zone is a treat an' no mistake
And I would never stop, when once I start
Your wub zone I could never bear to break
from the first to the last beat of my heart.

Your cutie mark's a glory and delight
And often is the time I wake to find
Fierce flutter-flappers fanning my poor brow
After your sweet attentions melt my mind.

And yet there's still a pony part of you
I love so bad it's sickness an' a sin
And Rainbow, ain't your heart so bright and true…
Damn, girl, your taut lil' tushie's made of win!


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#38 Freckles and freckles alone do not a pony make ;P