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So- who benefits when our society is dumbed down? We are being turned into a society of drones and worker bees. Don't ask questions...just obey.

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Macy Grey? Does anyone care about her anymore? When is the last time she had a hit- like five years ago? This seems like a fading star trying to revive her career with a spoonful of anti semitism to me. If this doesn't work maybe she can reveal a family secret to Oprah.

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The traditional family has proven to be the most successful environment in which to raise a child to be a healthy, well balanced individual/citizen. The breakdown of the traditional family will weaken society and create more dependence on government. Look no further than what happened to black families. Creating gender neutral families goes against nature because the male and female are required to reproduce and are hence the best combination to raise that child. Marriage is the glue that holds the family unit together and should not be thrown aside so casually.

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You miss the point of the post Sandy, you can not REMOVE gender from the issue. It is not possible. This is a rejection of reality for political purposes. Personally, I am tired of making laws for the exceptions. There are more mothers and fathers who will feel harmed than in-vitro using double moms and double dads. The exception should never be the rule. Adopted moms and dads will have NO problem with the gender rule- this is only for gay couples.

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What comment tanstaafl?

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Hey amsron, there is ACTUAL proof that the shooter was a devil worshiping, pot smoker who listened to heavy metal music. How about we censor all of those things FIRST. There is no evidence that this crazed young man even went on Palin's web site. You are blinded by YOUR political agenda. And another thing- get over the Fox News=evil obsession, Maybe if you watched it from time to time you wouldn't be so ill informed. The only speech liberal progressives want to silence is free and conservative. How long will it take before the left cries for more gun control? What a bunch of hypocrites!

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Better watch out! The Left is going to claim that you are inciting violence toward the former Speaker- all in the spirit of "Never let a good crisis go to waste." I'm sure there is a Bill that outlaws political humor in the works.

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Everyone who shares conservative principles is welcomed to be a conservative. Everyone will suffer under a dictatorship or abuse of Federal power. Why do gays insist that we know anything about their sex lives? Get over yourselves.

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Don't you feel like we're being teased? They must know that this is evil and that it will destroy the country. They must not care or perhaps they are trying to fan the flames of conflict. You know that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.

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Nice job Kathy. I might read that to my kids after the original. Scott's comment is pretty funny too.