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Minie is ready.


Goodbye dear Toasties. As I wrote a couple of months back, I hope we scatter across the entire Internet and also the entire offline world and create a zillion more spaces to replace this one. And I hope that every new space we create is as safe, funny, respectful, thought-provoking, and empowering as this one.

Also I will probably cave in a few weeks and join every single social media channel to find y'all. But until then, will follow any Toasties on Instagram - @cartoonminie for more pictures of the above dog.

Thank you to the editors, writers, tech peeps, and illustrators who made this such an incredible website. I hope you all find brilliant new jobs or lives of extravagant leisure, whichever most takes your fancy.

See you around!

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I am sorry that other women haven't helped you out in your professional life. If it helps, being the woman who supports other women or helps other women out feels seriously just as amazing as being helped or supported by other women.

Even if you can't find ladies in your industry, if you can find any kind of local women's business network or women's chamber of commerce network, it feels GREAT and weirdly empowering to give your money to other women for services rendered. My city has a tradeswomen network and it is my go-to for plumbers, mechanics, carpenters, and so on. My tailor and shoe repair peeps are also women.

So even if you don't need them right this minute, I can thoroughly recommend proactively building a list of local women service providers for any service you may need in the future (pest control, locksmiths, portrait photography, bookkeeping, printers, removal services, whatever).

Happy bonus - I have zero angst that the electrician who is coming to look at my oven next week will condescend to me or rip me off on the grounds that I'm a woman.

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Yesterday the Two Monks made me cry. Today it was Hillary Clinton.

OK then!

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In years to come, the Hey Ladies series will be pored over, annotated, and used in English classes to teach the incredible rewards of close reading.

Thanks so much for getting the ball rolling on this!

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But I don't think attraction works that way.

Normative-beauty-compliant people date people who are not normative-beauty-compliant for reasons of age, weight, disability, skin colour, gender presentation etc all the time. Most of the time, probably, since there are so many many ways to not be normative-beauty-compliant.

It doesn't make the normative-beauty-compliant people suspicious. What's suspicious is the idea that a person cannot be beautiful and attractive if they fail to comply with normative beauty standards (e.g. by being older).

I do understand being suspicious of the older party, though, since youth correlates with 'being easier to manipulate due to inexperience'. But hopefully someone in their 30s would have enough experience that this would not be an issue.

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I would like to thank leaping_rabbit again for being such a spreadsheet badass and organising the Toast Post Summer Care Package Exchange and also to my Toastie match for sending the package in such good time.

Mine has arrived already. I am waiting for tomorrow to open it, and it is something sweet to look forward to on a day that will be probably be more than a little bittersweet otherwise.

Thank you!

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My mum's partner is my age. They've been together for over a decade, he treats her like the queen that she is, and my response has always been GO MUM! because that's what she deserves.

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Marmite and butter.
Honey and butter.
Mashed up chicken livers with brandy sauce.

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Did not ever think the Two Monks would make me cry. But there you have it.

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I think you just type over whatever you want to edit and it saves automatically. That's what I did!