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Sage advice from experience. It's a waste of time to banter logic with a Repubican like VoteR4.

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I AM SURPRISED that your readers seem to not understand that this coming election is of the utmost importance for the atheist community. A few more conservative christians in the congress siding with the tRUMP stacked court system and woe is us.

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I read this post within a few hours and reread it twice and decided I could not write an honest comment. i bookmarked the post and 4 days later have returned to it and realized that maybe I should comment. First I will note my impression of the first 3 posts.

Conskep made a valid observation and there is more truth, both exposed and hidden in teacher/student relationships. In the grade school I attended, from the 4th grade to the sixth grade, every student spent the last 40 minutes of the day in a special class. Science, Art, Math, World History and Nature Studies. Being an artist I Art was my favorite special subject. The art teacher was the 6th grade teacher and I became her pet as a 6th grade student. She was beautiful and preferred peasant blouses and we had double desks. When she sat beside me I came close to fainting and she knew it and all the girls in my class made fun of me. As if I cared. Nothing happened physically but it did mentally.

Sarasamomx5 is also in observing this grave problem from the disrespectful, violence oriented culture we live in and the part that shame is prevalent. When I was 13 and an 8th grade student a 24 year old girl was raped and strangled in a field about 200 yards from my home. It was the main subject of gossip at school and in the neighborhood. For 2 days my homeroom classmates talked about nothing else. On the 3rd day, on my way to school, the police revealed that the woman was a prostitute. in my homeroom a boy sitting a few desks away was summoned to the office. Naturally everyone began to wonder if he was responsible. During lunch period we were told that the dead woman was my friends sister. Two days later the police arrested the son of a shopkeeper on my paper route for the crime. When you grow up with this kind of horror it does affect your outlook on many levels. I am, to this day, absolutely opposed to any leniency toward any sexual criminal crime and I speak from an insider's viewpoint and from personal experience. The devastation a molested, raped or abused individual experiences is devastating.

Shrewdempath describes experiences that often lead to grave emotional problems for the rest of the victims lives. I had a friend who was abused by a priest. He went through high school with very few friends. Since I knew about his past he defriended me. I heard from him when I was in my middle 20s. He had become a priest.

You might wonder about me. Well, I have been sexually active since I turned 13. Only one partner was a virgin and I didn't initiate the act. Nor did I enjoy the act. And for the rest of my life I avoided, at all costs, repeating that experience. I have no guilt feelings and loads of sympathy for any person, who for any reason, who is harmed or forced into any personal degrading abuse. I know how hard it was for Jack to bare his inner feelings.

And I find the Senators who voted that creep onto the highest court despicable subhumans. Especially the female Senators. A pox on them.

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Roger, if I thought you had the ability I'd recommend that you think and reason before you make such inane statements as above. FYI: Jack has stated that he is an atheist numerous times. Atheists can be, might be, partially are, selectively are, or might not be humanists. Most atheists do not believe they must have some type of a doctrine they must adhere to. I do not speak for Jack, only for myself as an atheist. I do not have a belief system. If what Jack stated is hurtful to you, you are one sick puppy. Since trying to convert others, sometimes by force is what your faith demands it should not be hurtful when someone understands your mission.

I hope Jack does not think I am putting words in his mouth but I do not think he is aspiring to achieve nirvana or freedom from the endless cycle of reincarnations. Atheists, at least the atheists I know believe when they die they no longer exist. A simpler way of describing death is poof, your gone.

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My first wife's family were religious crazies. While we were dating N (her code name) showed me off to her family. The first aunt I met was a Christian Scientist who didn't sleep with her husband because he slept on a day bed that had a door in place of springs and a thin cotton mattress because they were curing his back "problem" with lots of praying. I left Cleveland 8 years later and the uncle could not get out of bed and wore diapers. By that time the aunt was also a cripple. Two years after I met N her mother committed suicide and died, clutching her bible, in a hospital bed while N and I were present. N's stepfather and her two sisters took off for California and N moved in with an aunt and uncle, dedicated JW's. They had reservations about the atheist N was dating. About this time listener's to my tale begin to question my sanity but I was getting great sex and was stupid. N would drag me to various Protestant churches searching for the one that felt right to her. She chose a Lutheran church with a handsome young anti evolution priest and warned me not to argue with him. He told us we could not kiss after the ceremony and I told her to find another church. Soon after our marriage the JW uncles mother died and I had my 1st experience with a weird religion. 3 children later N and I were not getting along and she asked if she could go back to LA where she spent time as a young teenage and visit her sisters. She took the kids and spent a month there. When she returned she asked for the divorce we had previously discussed. I readily consented. I paid no attention to her spending a lot of the weekends at a church. One night she told me she wanted to move to LA to be with her teenage boy friend. I sent her and the kid's to LA in January and rented them a three bedroom house. I had many business commitments and followed them in July. Her stepfather and younger sister was living in the house. He belonged to this bizarre cult like the snake handler's and had recruited N. She had to be a 1 year resident to get a divorce that was acceptable to me. On January 2 she moved in with her X boyfriend and within 3 years lived in Northern California and the next year moved to Boise then to only miles from the Canadian border. Today my children are grandparents and in different bizarre fundamental ist evangelical churches that spout end of time crap. None of these children were born in a hospital. Most were home schooled. A few have had multiple marriages. They are mostly right wingers, racists and devoutly religious evangelicals and have strange dietary beliefs. I was off line for 3 weeks or so visiting my wife's son and his family in rural PA and on returning to LA dealing with a major 2 connected computer crashes-total crashes. I lost everything on 2 of my 3 computers but with great technical help I am back. My son-in-law and I had political and religious debates but I felt fortunate that the gun freak didn't off me. Pardon my weirdness, but this discussion on this AR post is, in the vernacular, a god sent, forgive the reference, awakening that once recognized seems almost superficial. But, think about this, as a writer and communicator. I ask both you and Jack to look at the above second paragraph, if rewritten and focused on the concept that "belief can be and is mostly. . . I am exhausted and tired. to be continued tomorrow.

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As a fellow cosmology buff I recommend that you read two books by Chris Impey: "How It Began 2012" and "How It Ends 2010." While slightly out of date they are packed with serious and amusing info.

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i am happy that you brought this old post back to life. I am closer to 80 than 79 and declared myself an atheist at 14. The one task I wished I had given myself was to count how many times over the years a religionist would assign me to hell for redeclaring my atheism..

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Mark most likely will never see this. Don't really care. A lesson in sarcasm: 2 plus 2 is 473873624984637 by my math. Lesson 2. Religionists do not own the word spiritual. It is a word defined by any user. Obviously Mark has never meditated as I have.and had a physical awareness of self as a satisfied, relaxed and euphoric entity. In the past I also dabbled with psychedelic substances. An atheist, presumably an adult no longer needs an imaginary invisible companion. We also do not have a need to be regenerated. A good nights rest accomplishes this task and we do not sin. While many of us do bad things we have no desire to be forgined--whatever that is. Nor do we have a need to revert to needing our discarded invisible companion. As for the cult accusation the only thing we atheists havein common is a recognition of reality and a disdain for the occult.

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I do not think tribalism can be eliminated in a free society. Eliminating Political tribalism means the bigger stronger tribe rules and no argument can be offered or accepted. This is called a political dictatorship. Does anyone fantasize that the bigger tribe will say "Hey you minority guys and gals have a valid point. Us guys and gals will change our minds you guys and gals make more sense than we do." Eliminating No and Yes is impossible. Looking at tribalism as being something negative sounds positive but what is a positive alternative? I'm open to a valid workable alternative and do not believe that it is a single tribe. Pretending that we are all Americans and can work together for the common good is the most silly fantasy I can imagine. I don't see freedom and liberty in that solution in this country. I see a Christian dictatorship that is a copy of Islam or a master/slave society. Right now the strong tribe is in the hands of Trump and is there anyone out there who does not believe he is all for the master/slave solution. How do we deal with this reality? Someone, please convince me that it is wrong to oppose him on every single issue. And to do that you must explain the positiveness you find in one of his rallies and convince me that to fight him tooth and nail is the wrong thing to do.

One more thing. I have been out of town and when I returned my computer crashed. From August 13th to Sept. 3rd I've been off line. Ann where are you? I miss your comments

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Do you think that, maybe, their morality and their grasp of reality is totally situational?

This a reply to Jack but it won't go in the right space. Jack, you're right on. VoteR4Liberty actually echos what you stated. It is obvious that truth to Kav backers is not relevant to having a solid far right winger on the Court. His rhetoric proves my opinion..