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ghost knife; is that the only conspiracy theory you accept or would you also arguing in favor of the reptilians or the masons controlling world affairs? I guess the fact that international science is so greedy and uninterested in actual science makes anything they say questionable.

Oh and btw. Down with Heliocentrism!

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When I hear this phrase used it is usually god that is doing the hating. "Of course god doesn't hate gays, he just hates what they do." However when someone is homosexual, it isn't what they do, it's who they are. So in fact, I argue, god does hate them by that logic.

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I agree as for-profit models have a built-in bias toward what is popular rather than the truth.

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Why does the news media play down or mislabel examples of Christian extremism? Easy. That's exactly what you would do if you wanted to make a profit and please your viewership. Ethical journalism has no place on tv news networks. Sensationalism sells. Hyperbole sells. Disagreeing with your viewer's false sense of reality hurts ratings.

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It's funny that you mentioned this particular sentiment today because yesterday I came across this:

It seems even if the secular community gives quite genorously, Christians still don't understand why.

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People wouldn't say these things unless they were feeling threatened. I think it's a good sign.

Politicians only bash atheists because they think it will win them points with the bloc of the US that has been shown in recent times to decide elections. They would worship satan if they thought it would keep them in office.

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It's Christianity's choke-hold on my beloved secular government that really makes me see red. The fact that my friend can't legally marry the person that he loves because they think it's icky is absurd to the highest degree. I don't have a problem whatsoever with people holding any religious beliefs that they choose but it's when those beliefs are made a matter of public poliicy; that is a real affront to freedom.

It makes me angry that the religious right in my country believes that they have the monopoly on freedom and patriotism when what they advocate is the exact opposite of liberty. How can they say this when they really believe that the majority has the right to oppress the minority? They have no problem ass-raping the constitution to achieve this either.

People are allowed to be as delusional as they want as far as I'm concerned, but don't legislate your hatred of gays, start any holy wars, or stomp on women's rights in my country. I have to live here too!

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Imagine you're the head of a corperation. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the government ordered everyone in the country to buy your products?

Obama during the campaign seemed to realize the idiocy of a health insurance mandate. It would seem that his switch on this issue is realted to all his other backtracks in that it has proved to me that Obama (or maybe it's the party itself) simply lacks a spine.

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I have Tony Perkins.


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I agree. Our government is already bought and paid for by America's biggest industries. It's worth it to them to make sure that their interests are considered before anyone else's. Luckilly, corperations don't have the right to vote yet; but they don't have to if they pad enough pockets.

No private money for elections. Period. That's the only way to solve this problem.