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Nice thoughts John but it will not happen. We have had 10 years of tory govt and has this helped? Of course not. Look at the realities, in April the government brings in IR35 a massive red tape tax grab exercise which will have huge ramifications for small businesses. The tory party and its govts just is not interested, our mainly lawyer lawmakers and civil servants just love red tape, they know no better most never having been in business.

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Sorry I read this article this article and think 1) there is no money, 2) there is no space on the roads 3) big statements like - ‘Although AVs are already safer than the average human driver, even on existing roads’ is not true, classic AI problem, AV has to to choose to run over an old granny or a child. Which one does it choose...There is just too much waffly green stuff coming out of the Tories these days.

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Sit on a bench in’t park in March? This sounds risky. What happens if it breaks and I spill my hot coffee over myself or a friend. Is this a risk the govt has foreseen? Lets take this a bit slower, councils should check all park benches first, then a national roll out of benches. I do not feel ready or capable of making decisions for myself, far to risky, can the man (or women or ‘them’) from Whitehall not help??

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Surely Richard given the ‘precautionary principle’ that Conservative governments and MPs must now adhere to, the answer, to avoid all risk, is heavily legislate and tell people to avoid having pets or if you must then keep them locked away, walking dogs is dangerous, could lead to ‘dogs mixing, snapping etc, 10 years in clink about right for breaking rules. Lets keep safe folks.

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Yes. There can be no doubt that Drakeford is the right man for the job. In another 5 years the aim for a completely agrarian society has every chance of being met.

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Yes Bob, he is right Build the wall! Build the wall! This is a massive opportunity for Wales to be completely hermetically sealed off,no need for trade or tourism,a huge push on allotments gives everyone a chance to save money,no need for cars either,horse and cart,think of all that lovely dung. Get greener poorer and really safe with Mark Looney Tunes. Trebles all round!

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An extra bank holiday after months and months off for many? Assume you do not run a business...

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I hate smoking but - Do you like a glass of wine? Should that be illegal? Would you assign the state to make all these decisions for you. Should boxing and rugby, skydiving be banned? Who owns the risk?

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IR35 is coming in April across all industries. A massive red tape tax rise for millions. The Conservatives truly are a high tax big spending large state micro managing party. Blair must be pleased.

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If the EU invaded this country you would still be supporting them. You really hate this country don’t you?