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The idea is to educate people so they have meaningful opportunities and do not express their frustration on topics that do not enhance their lives.

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And massive massive failure of schools. All these kids should be pushed into apprenticeships.

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They should all be back in school. Doctors and dentists should be working properly. Apparently it is OK for millions, many on furlough to go ‘shopping’ but we must still remain locked down. This is a mess of a strategy.

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No doubt my white ancestors were badly treated, farm hands, indentured peasants etc. It’s no more than an interesting historical point. I live in the present not the past. No one living is to blame for history and trying to wipe it out is pure communism / national socialism. It will be book burning next...

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The unions are a pox, a blight on educating children, promoting illiteracy, responsible for so much long term damage to the country through failure to educate the population. Damn them.

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+1 the next excuse for continued lockdown will be second wave fear....

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For Robert there is no area that the state should not intervene. Very depressing reading coming from a Conservative MP.

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Not all laws are good, especially when waved through parliament by panicking MP’s as you may well find out.

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Dystopian, Orwellian controls are now being placed on the electorate seemingly with no end in sight for a virus that is running its course like all the others we can and sometimes do incur when getter on with what used to be our ability to live freely. A very worrying course of events.

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Yes, that is the case, the unfortunate reality is those with health problems in that situation will run greater risks. Nevertheless, we cannot operate a viable economy if risks are not run.