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21! I like the idea of a pair of ponies. So much more can be done with them.

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Trixie has a new friend! I want to see some tag team action! Wooo-Hooo!

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Cruel, just too cruel. A little piece of my soul died with this joke.

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Too much clouds and snow for me to see it last night. I am sad.

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A "No" is all you can really expect from normal publishing houses. Form rejection letters are normal for the vast majority of those submitting. The publishing houses are not responsible for your development as a writer, they are only there to turn a profit; EQD doesn't even do that.

Writers need to take the initiative and edit their stories extensively themselves and then submit them for peer review prior to submitting them for publishing. Though, in order for the writers to be able to police themselves, complete and rigid guidelines need to be made publicly available. Specifically, those that pertain to submitting on EQD, not general English tips.

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Well, maybe Jan should focus on the silver lining here. They are clearly talented and already have a decent following. Perhaps it is time to try and do something independent. I would still watch their stuff even if it wasn't MLP focused.

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It's Pandora's box!

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Who cares? What's in the box?

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Wow this is really well done. I don't even have to blow in the cartridge!

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Maybe Kyo saw #2 and is now on the floor clutching his chest going "hrrrrrr". We need to get medical assistance to him right away before he dies from a cute attack!