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Mellon is a model AND a TV talent?! Wow, she's so multi-faceted!

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Oh, it's true that they wait for no one. You've gotta be in and out within the 7 or so allotted minutes for each stop, or you are SOL. One time I went to meet my elderly parents at the train, and they weren't paying attention to the stop, and when finally found them and waved to them, it was just too late. The train was leaving, and they weren't going to wait around for stragglers, even confused American tourists. We had to drive all the way to Bordeaux to go get them. But at least the conductor was nice enough not to charge them for the additional fare for the longer ride.

Hmm, the rest of my comment got eaten... Mods, is there another one pending in the queue?

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Living in Europe, I can attest to how much better it is to take a train. The trains are fast and mostly easy to get to. I live in practically the middle of nowhere, and there is still a train station in my town, with a podunk local train, that will then take you into the big city where you can transfer to the high-speed line. It's not perfect, though. Probably because of population density and predicted usage, the local only runs three or four times a day, early mornings and afternoons. Which means that if you are trying to catch the high-speed, you have long waits or you'd have to stay overnight in the city. And right now, they've cut the high-speed line to only three runs a day, which has really caused an uproar with folks that want to live in the country and take the train to Paris or Bordeaux for work. AND another issue is that at least in France, close to all major xfers need to be done in Paris, so you end up going very far north out of your way to get to other EU cities. Still, I do prefer it to flying. It's so much less stressful. And if you do need to fly, there is a train station right in CDG, which is so much easier than taking a cab or transferring a bunch of subway stops or taking a spur line bus or train out of the city like they do in the US.

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You're from Jersey? What exit?

Sorry, it's obligatory.

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Woah, that's one hellofa opening sentence:

After nearly six years of gossip, rumor, and speculation, Shore endocrinologist James Kauffman was charged Tuesday in the death of his wife, radio personality April Kauffman, in an alleged murder-for-hire plot prosecutors said was connected to the Pagan Outlaw motorcycle gang and designed to prevent her from exposing a vast illegal opioid pill distribution operation.

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LOL, very first comment:

dedc79 says:
January 10, 2018 at 11:20 am

Issa returning to the private sector, eh? How long before we learn that a building of his burned down just as he increased the fire insurance?

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Is it bad that I didn't even bother with this and just dismissed the whole thing as outright lunacy because I saw it was a link to "The Federalist?"

Chas, once again going where angels fear to tread.

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The Browns are showing, as usual, flashes of competence, followed by segments of complete self-immolation.

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