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Deep Silver has announced Homefront: The Revolution has decided joined the ranks of delayed multiplatform titles:

The game has been pushed back to a vague 2016 release date, and it's currently planned for PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms.

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I don't like rap music at all, but I'm not going to raise up a stink about it being in the game. I care more about the entire game itself, NOT only the music.

BTW Francis, check out the story I linked up in Contact Us. Thought you would be interested to read it.

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Bleeding Cool's Joe Cammisa has released an article about his nightmare dealing with Sony's customer service after his PS4 broke down, and why he's completely done with buying PlayStation products:

Apparently this article also reveals there's an actual replacement limit to Sony's so-called "Extended Warranties", even though the their replacement PS4 they provided to Cammisa overheated enough to release smoke throughout his home.

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I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but Craptaku and other sites are now furious at the latest Law & Order: SVU episode, because the show decided to base an entire episode on GamerGate and it completely demonized the entire gaming community. Ironically people have mentioned this episode is entirely based on the garbage BS that Craptaku and those other sites have been spewing about the gaming community in the first place, so this entire episode is their own fault.

[Edit] Removed the link, apparently the "journalist" for Washington Post bought into the garbage BS about GamerGate as well.. They don't deserve any additional clicks. :/

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Ahem.. I'll let you simmer on this one:

And FYI, this only counts the DLCs before the game was released, several more DLCs were released later.

Face it, the "hardcore gamer" crowd didn't complain about the ridiculous costs of DLCs then, they're not going to complain about Evolve's DLCs now. They'll continue to flock to these DLCs and buy them just simply for bragging rights to show everyone else how "hardcore" they are.

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Forbes' Paul Tassi has revealed Turtle Rock Studios has been withholding review copies of Evolved from all reviewers, even though the title releases tomorrow:

Most reviews currently available on various gaming media sites are actually incomplete "in progress" reviews for the title.

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Don't forget Ventrillo and Teamspeak, there's ample alternatives available nowadays.

Besides if it turns out Nintendo is only blocking communications with strangers, while you're still able to talk to friends, why is it important? I would rather talk to friends I know than to talk to some weirdo, creep, or immature child.

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I'm not even sure why everyone is focusing on the voice chat, since it clearly mentions "No communication with players you are matched with". This may suggest you're only unable to communicate with strangers, but talking to your friends is still available.

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Just to warn you, Gamingfan is just playing the victim here. He has trolled the community repeatedly with his non-stop anti-Nintendo bias in completely unrelated articles, and instantly calls everyone "fanboys" for disagreeing with him. He always states his opinions as facts, which is why the community always disagrees with him. If you don't believe me, you can easily check his comment history, he's not as innocent as he claims to be.

I have warned him repeatedly about his trolling, and yet he continues to do it.

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Something vinnygambini from neoGAF didn't mention about for Sony's financials in trabuch's link:
Sony is still expecting a loss of 170 billion yen ($1.44 billion) for the full fiscal year, an improvement of their previously estimated 230 billion yen ($1.95 billion) loss:

This lesser than originally expected loss has created a surge of buyers for Sony's stocks, which has pushed a huge jump in their stock value. Last fiscal year the company reported a loss of 40 billion yen ($340 million).