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"The inerrant bible turns out to be extremely flexible."

Just like the Constitution!

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"I mean if there's one thing they're talented at it's reconciling their book of myths with the clear and obvious facts"

I think that might actually be what they're worst at. They're good at ignoring facts.

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See, I'm torn. I think people should be open to new ideas. Having an open mind is not the same as having no discernment. It just means you listen to what someone has to say AND THEN you start to evaluate the ideas and formulate an argument. But there's no way I'm ever going to believe anything as crazy as the world being 6,000 years old, so it would be disingenuous for me to go, and I would just say something that would cause me to lose a friend. I also think I should respect the ideas of people around me. But they keep making it so fucking hard by believing such ridiculous things. In the US, there's been a conscious effort to drive the logical leaders of the church out and replace them with people who think solely with emotion. This is what you get: bat shit crazy people who deny all evidence.

I used to be a protestant until it became clear to me that there's no place in protestant churches for people who don't believe that the Bible is an infallible book that can be used for topics as broad as science to money management [insert Jewish joke here].

Using spiritual works to explain the material, only serves to degrade the spiritual.

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I got invited to a creation conference once. I said I would go with an open-mind, but I decided that was impossible. So I got drunk instead.

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Yes. Never seen the show. I know it's an either love it or hate it and its creator kind of thing.

Also did you like Portlandia?

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I'm scared for this generation too. I mean just look at Lena Dunham.

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Like the Onion's article about the Planned Parenthood Abortionplex?

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Lucky strike... it's toasted.

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So much for destiny,
A pin prick on my knee,
The frost you paint
across our dead affair.
I sensed the toxic aura
from the second we touched,
You were stitched up venom
and I was the cursed from the Vedic.

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Because people who hate people are the richest people in the world.