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I am from new Zealand but know enough about Brits to know that Paki is not for civil discussion. Schlussel is mad, no other explanation. Keep-her-away-from-sharp-objects-mad
Try and get her to analyse the Morse code signals that Pakistani cricket players use when hitting the ball.

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Tell them about Newtown teacher Vicki Soto’s self-sacrifice and bravery
Ok, but first I have to un-tell all the hate Malkin has directed against teachers.
Also, don't fear death because Jebus?

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You and your family never had to watch Madonna, Jeannie. If you were worried about it, have a talk to your kids about how commercialism works in popular music. You might be surprised at how mature your kids can be if you give them a chance.

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We manage to stay on the earth, Mr thunder (if that is your real name) because YOU are upsidedown. Hah hah I run rings around you logically.