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Whatever it takes to reconnect with God, we need to make it a priority—sometimes in big ways, sometimes just moment to moment.

Lord, please crave out for Peter those moments for the two of you together that are so hard for us to make for ourselves. Please don't let him miss them. (And feel free to throw in a few for me, too.) Thank You, Lord! I love you.

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Thanks for all the great posts, and all the great info, Peter! You're a blessing to us techno-dummies.

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Peter, clear out everything that does not REQUIRE a response from you. Do it with a clear conscience that people care more about your well being than about a reply.

Then ask the Lord what else can be resolved with a click, or a brief, "I'll not be able to address this as planned."

Be at peace, my brother.

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Russell, you surely know I did not mean "love those who love you" by pointing out love's priority.

Yes, plenty of people come to church as a comfortable place to meet like minds. There are also far too many people who snub church to go in search of the lost, happy to direct a sinner's prayer, then move on to look for more souls. They are more satisfied with making a convert than doing the hard work of making a disciple. If effective ministry within the church is a priority, ministry will be more effective in the streets. If we are "not known for our love, compassion and kindness," then best we get it right at home before setting a bad example to the world.

I recall these words appearing on a recent post here: "Christians are arguably more like the world in one respect than any other: criticizing Christians." The way to encourage virtues of love and compassion to the world is by exemplifying them "without boundaries," not condemning others for failing at them. Berating Christians does not encourage them.

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Yes, I love each neighbor in my path. But I love first my Christian family, because it is so admonished:

"Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith."
(Galatians 6:10)

Also, what example would we show the world if we loved those outside at the expense of those inside? If the world sees that we treat the world better than our own bretheren, would they not prefer to remain outside?

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Thanks for the challenge. I applaud your resolution to read through the Bible this year. No matter how many times I do it, I'm still surprised by what I've missed on previous reads.

I'm willing to share three resolutions here:

• Every morning, I'll read Scripture and pray before I check emails or Twitter

• I'll give my two youngest children reading time each day before I write the daily devotion I publish

• I'll have a first draft of my next novel complete by March 31, 2010

Here goes!
My recent post Heavens Shaken

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And can't you just feel that the love and affection are genuine? We do love you, favorite Brit. Take good care of yourself and yours.

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I can't think of not remembering this one.

Just imagine the people waiting for us in Heaven.

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I am sorry for your loss, Peter. Not simply the loss of a grandmother, but of the temporary loss of security, the temporary loss of joy, the temporary loss of feeling you are doing something worthwhile.

When the Lord speaks, His voice carries conviction of what to do, with the encouragement and strength to do it.

When the enemy speaks, his voice carries condemnation, with the discouragement for all accomplished not by us, but by Christ in us.

Allow Him to carry you, my brother. "Fear not," or some form of that statement, was the most frequent imperative Jesus spoke. He purchased you with His blood. You are greatly beloved, and of great worth in His sight.

I am comforted to know that you are parted from Debbie's grandmother for just a short time. Parted, but not separated. The same Spirit who gives her life for eternity is living in you for eternity, and death cannot separate that Spirit from either of you, or from Debbie.

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I think men better know love in receiving respect, and women better know respect in receiving love.