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I think I'd stay put until springtime, somehow the ferryboat ride doesn't sound too appealing in the cold. I thoroughly enjoyed both the island, and the trip out there when we visited during the summer. It's a truly magical place.

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Sigh, it's all so beautiful.
My sweet potato plants don't make it through the frost here in S.C. I can only imagine how beautiful they will be if they avoid the frost, and fill that whole pergola.

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Not a napper, but definitely a fan of this home. Unsure about the anchor light on the mantle, I'm trying to warm up to it, but it's not working for me.

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Love the pic, reminds me of a scene out of "Jumanji"

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Oh yes, I'd love electric shades. I can just imagine my cat Sophia latching onto them and riding to the top of the window, she'll chase anything that moves.

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Boat?, did they say a boat? Now they've definitely got my attention. We love boats, especially if they are docked in your backyard, and you don't have to be involved in all that putting in and out business.
How great is this?

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Wow, good old Leominster Mass. made HGTV news! I grew up in the next town over. Leominster is the unofficial plastic capital of the U.S. I love pink flamingos! They are kind of kitschy, and make you smile, as long as they are not allowed to stay in the yard all winter, and of course you have to move them around the yard each week or so, to keep it interesting.
They were used as a fundraiser back home, and a flock could appear unannounced, overnight in someone's front yard, and for a fee, they would be rounded up and relocated to the next potential donor's front yard. It was fun to see where they would "migrate" next.

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Well Liz, truth be told, we loved the adventure of trying to deduce all the "mean Mary" clues for home-sites. Some of them we never did figure out, and she often sent us scrambling all over the countryside. But, we were never bored with her clues, and many geography and history lessons were afforded us as a result.
We look forward to having new adventures with you, and it should be a "good thing" indeed!

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First Gail, now Mary. Sniff sniff. Hopefully both are bound for bigger and better endeavors. We'll miss you Mary.
Welcome to Liz, and don't believe everything she may have told you about us. Well, on second thought, we have done some crazy things on these blog sites, so it's all probably true, but we are are rather endearing in an off beat sort of way. You'll never be bored anyway!

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Gonna be cold here in the South tomorrow morning. Bundle up, and bring the brandy!