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This is positively devastating.. Andrew was an incredible force, an articulate voice, a true gift to those of us on the right.. a blessing to all that he brought together in such a short time to combat the media, to get truth out to the masses. I can't believe how heartbroken I am, and can only imagine what his beautiful, young family are going through. They are all in my prayers, and may Andrew truly Rest In Peace.

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Silverlake.. for 32 years. Nobody can tell me about the homosexual lifestyle.. and we never should call it gay. It's anything but.. It's just man sinning against God's design. Delightful personality or not, doesn't make a difference..

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What do you think happens to a neighborhood when traditional families move out and homosexuals move in? I need to spell it out? No, the gays and lesbians that moved into all the houses surrounding me were very nice, until they found out I was a conservative Christian. Not too friendly with me after that. The truth is that the gay life and traditional family life are the true Venus and Mars.. Different planets completely.

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I grew up in what became a predominantly gay neighborhood in LA and saw firsthand the lifestyle that Hollywood and the left push on America as an alternate lifestyle, and many on the right have accepted. This 'choice' was not intended by our Creator as His design for marriage and family life, it goes against my beliefs as well as those of a majority of Americans' Yet day by day we are told we must accept it, and that just isn't possible for me, just as I will never accept bigamy, or pedophilia as alternate lifestyle choices. Deviance is deviance. JCPenney can do what it wants.. But my principles are firm. Done with them.

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Fred2 I stand corrected. I meant Poitier.. wish I could blame a teleprompter. But I stand by the rest of my post. It was incredibly drawn out delivery.. I mean, jeez, Morgan's pretends for a living.

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Then there was Harry Belafonte.., delivered his love letter to Morgan Freeman while staring vacantly and endlessly into the camera as if he were having a stroke. Could he have been...any....more...dramatic...?

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I would love to see him defeated in a big way. I also had wanted him exposed for the usurping hack he is, with all his fake docs, sealed records, nothing verified, his book written by Ayers, on and on.. but the right (Boehner, Cantor, even Issa, Fox News) let so much slide through these years. I don't know who to really trust now that Palin's out, with too frequent shimmying over to the left by many on our side.

I believe the punk should've been impeached long ago.

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Leftists think and react like angry, spoiled children. I would bet there was little to no discipline or parenting in their home growing up. This is evident in their behavior during any leftie protest, why they bully and mock those who disagree with them. Hollywood, the media, the Dem party is filled with immature, belligerent and incoherent toddlers who were never told the word 'no.'

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Colleges ought to offer classes on the study of this true visionary. What he filled into his all-too-short life is astounding, the kids would learn about innovation, entrepreneurism, capitalism, failure & success.. so much.

I heard the announcement of his passing on my iPhone (KABC radio app) and read countless heartfelt comments about him on my iPad (twitter app). We are a grateful Apple family. Thank you, Steve.

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Thank you, John. Perfect, as usual. I do get tired of having to defend Sarah, especially after my friends hear her soundbites onCNN and the other hack networks, just like this one about Cain. I can just direct them to your article.. and the truth.