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Fucking a handsome black man is literally the first thing she's ever done that I applaud.

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Barack you like a hurricane!

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Republicans have to either let the Bush tax cuts expire or they have to cut defense spending and handouts to insurance companies, and they don't get to cut the domestic programs they wanted to cut. They don't have any red meat to throw their base, and House teatards will have much less influence over the process in the future.

Maybe none of that's what the Democrats wanted (don't know about you, but yours truly could go for a BLT and a handjob), but it's not nothing either. Republicans have to do a bunch of shit they didn't want to do because of those stupid triggers, and they don't get to do a bunch of shit they did want to do.

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The only reason I can think of why Barack Obama did not go out and buy a bunch of winning lottery tickets to solve the country's financial problems is that he is a Muslim, and gambling is prohibited by the Koran.

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Love the bit about how only 2% of Medical Marijuana patients use it for "dehabilitating pain".

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) poisoning is the leading cause of drug-induced liver failure in the world. Something like 10,000 Americans die from it every year. Maybe Tylenol should only be available for "dehabilitating pain" as well? It's a fuckload of a lot more dangerous than pot, or even say opium. Opium won't blow up your liver if you happen to have it with a couple of drinks.

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"Look, all I'm saying is if you still wanna smoke pot then be prepared to spend a lot of time laughing with your friends." -- Strangers with Candy

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Unbelievable! The video shows the president literally picking up and shaking a Tea Party protestor. Then he throws her over his shoulder in an attempt to silence any criticism of this administration by any Chicago-style tactics necessary!

This is the Kenneth Gladney incident times abortion, to the TelePrompTer power, and with a backwards B carved on it. Sickening.

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you mean the Freedom Riders who took the Underground Railroad to warn President Lincoln the Nazis were coming to spread their Sharia law on America?

Seems like she'd be proud to recreate such an important moment in our nation's history.

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I thought "horse" stopped being a euphemism for opiate abuse back in the 1950's... I think I'll stick with William S. Burroughs "Four if by I.V." Tangiers Tea myself, both horse and tea-wise.