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Maybe all we need are reenactments to shred any skeptics’ derision while this pink party planner pushes ahead, unifying other ponies with a most cheerful thread (hint, hint).

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As the magic of friendship shields us, the imagery flows to bring out artistry in new arrivals, with differing styles to explore for now.:

4) The refined apples to serve at this special event should catch other ponies’ attention quickly.
7) One can almost feel the loneliness piercing the room from any side, at least before the reunion.
12) Let this mare rest with satisfaction after her success at that party.
13) As the lights blossom and twinkle, so does the wonder in those fillies.
18) The exchange through that mirror must’ve made the others chuckle.
24) Good thing we didn’t need too many references to conclude this occasion.
25) One last toy to remember as other animals reach that cottage we’ll welcome.
30) Ah, how starry beauty lights up the clearing, inspiring the ponies who witness it.
41) How apt that the sunlight should reflect this mare’s anticipation as she looks ahead.
42) The lessons to enjoy should keep the skies clear in keeping friendship’s true strength.
60) A simple session of quietude on a spare cloud can’t hurt in weeks.
61) Ah, let the energy of purity propel this mare’s concentration in time.
68) The speed in these colors could match others’ optimism for nighttime.
69) Ponies are cheering with their own magic, expanding the concerts well.

I’ll be happy with this lineup’s reassurance, if that’s where we’re going, so that others can enjoy our harmony for this first weekend.

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Aha. How fitting that today should be a #FluttershyFriday commemoration, something to soothe my soul and mind most handily. I could safely settle into additional stretches alongside my associates to go by the course of those global alignments, as well.

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It's a little over an hour from the big event in my corner of the world, but New York City's clocking in at around 10 minutes, I think, at least as I see on Fox News Channel, which tilts me toward a dance-oriented lineup. "Fluttershy's Lament" will be up first, followed by that special "God Bless the USA" remix. I'll likely decide on a Friendship Games song once "Welcome to the Show" finishes, but I've yet to decide which as of this comment.

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Funny. I suppose the contacts involving this mare will have bemused any new arrivals within the past few months, all while certain corners see one turbulent year ahead of them.

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(snorting with finality) Call it another grim benchmark in Russia's irrecoverable spiral into oblivion, even to the point of a race with Xi Jinping and that cast of potentates still scattered over the Eurasian Steppe. Any constant statements by the likes of Ramzan Kadyrov should seal this course as it is. That said, could it matter if those cliques surrounding the Kremlin tore each other apart without any outside interference?

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(feeling jaw hanging before lifting back up) Uh, is it bad that I could hear the lyrics echoing on and off in my head during this sequence, from start to finish? I'm certain the accompanying chill will have been one to remember throughout tonight.

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Eeyup. One more piece to fit into this particular alignment of ours, and as always, I feel fine. My Twilightlicious shirt couldn't have hurt me, either, and should others chime in with a new rhyme, well, these interchanges can only solidify.

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Did anypony figure out how quickly our Japanese counterparts caught the you-know-what popping out of those magical rifts during the race? Let the flood of cheerful imagery applauding Sunset Shimmer and the bipedal Twilight Sparkle commence.

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Gliding ponies, aurora-shooting ponies, and rocky ponies catching our attention, with multiple types of friendship tasks set to make them ever happier, eh? I'll take a modicum of relief within this project as the presumable countdown starts.