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Thank you, ASG, for five years of great games, kind words and happy times.

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ASG, thanks for all the updates lately - it's great that you give us new versions in case some people have problems.

Talking of problems, PutLocker seems to be acting a bit strange lately, downloads for older games aren't coming through fully...I used Deposit Files instead for this one but I thought I would just mention it.

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Jenny , some things get better with time, like fine wine...

You and I must be VINTAGE by now!

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Happy Anniversary! I hope you enjoy your celebration.

(I will also be celebrating 32 years together with my husband later this year.)

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A nice weekend treat from the lovely ASG team - thank you!

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Thanks very much ASG for a weekend game.

'Cheers' to everyone - have fun!

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Hunny, I couldn't agree with you more.

To separate ourselves because we have different coloured skin is as pointless as separating ourselves because we have different coloured eyes - it's just the way we are born.

Men and women fought for the right to be seen as more than their skin because they knew we are all made the same underneath.

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David, that is an awfully sad thing for you and your family.

Thanks for your words; I'm glad you feel that we all make a difference. You certainly brighten our lives up.

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Suicide, that's an interesting subject - what sparked this train of thought?
My thoughts: They're going to have to take me...because I'm not going willingly!

I've lived with pain - like an unwelcome visitor who stays forever - but for every pain there has been a comfort. I've suffered sorrow and I've faced dark feelings. My experiences have taught me where to find comfort and pleasure and how to hold on to them.

I have needed strength to deal with what life has given me and I’ve managed to find it; I think I'm fortunate.
Sadly, not everyone finds that strength. They become overwhelmed by misery or fear. They don't know, or they forget, how to see their way through the darkness.

There is light, there is hope, there is a way to hold on until time changes everything but you have to keep a grip on that knowledge. Sit in a corner and cry for a while if it helps or wave your fists at the sky, shouting and screaming.

Keep living, never let go - even if for a while you hold on just by your fingertips.
Accept that life can be awful, and then do whatever it takes to get you through it.