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I heard this afternoon and had to pull over in traffic. I was poleaxed. Andrew was one of the few people on this planet I respected the hell out of. He will be missed by people he never knew. My prayers are now for his family who, I am sure, are much more stunned that the rest of us. I pray they find peace. Thank you, Andrew.

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Pravda! Da paminyatchik?

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How dare that stupid little man insult or question anything about real heroes who save real lives and fight for the freedom for that wanker to sit back in his safe apartment, disrespecting real men with real values.

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I'm really sure that I know what's best for my children and know best how they learn. No one person in charge of 30 children will ever know that better than I.

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Sounds like nothing more than envy to me.

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The author of this piece just appears to be repeating what Brandon Darby said and gives no context whatsoever as to why that would be compelling. These asshats spent money on college? I hope they're paying off egregious student loans with jobs at Starbucks.

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They still don't know the race card is maxxed out?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Science Without Peer Review aka AGW

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I stopped listening to or about Beck the moment he and Scott Baker attacked Andrew Brietbart over the Sherod video

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I'm sitting here laughing like a 60's movie villain