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'People who think that they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do' - Isaac Asimov

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Another know nothing middle England minister making our lives hell ... the only thing worse is an entitled toff who believes he can run the world ... a cabinet full of underachieving mediocracy paid for by mummy and daddy

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REALLY, Evgeny Lebedev a peer? We might as well make Vladimir Putin our Lord Protector!

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Tubby2 I am no fan of nationalism full stop!! But the English nationalists are the aggressors here, so I think the Scottish and Irish Republicans have every right to defend themselves from being suppressed. I see it a bit like the former Yugoslavia. The Serbs wanted to dominate their union by stealth and on that basis it was the other nations' right to defend themselves! If English nationalism could be put back into the bottle, then I would be in favour of maintaining the Union. But this now seems too late! JRM and his friends from the TBG and other alt-right forces have now hijacked the CP.

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Actually, I don't think so. What I do think is that it will be nigh impossible for the CP to ever get elected in London again! Bridges have been burnt for good!!

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Great Britain is what I believed in before the arrival of these English nationalists now dominating the CP. Although I am no friend of the nationalists I now believe that Scotland should be allowed to go its separate way, while Northern Ireland should become part of the Republic of Ireland. The only thing changing my mind would be, if the current government was to abandon English nationalism and establish itself as a US European 'common market' rather than turn itself into a reactionary, nasty Anglo-Saxon Empire v2!

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The CP has learned quickly from Vlad and the Don ... deny, deflect, lie and blame someone else ... all this won't stand beyond November ... you better prepare yourselves, I bet Vlad, the Don and Dom do!

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Oh, it's so quiet on the complicit Russian Brexit front ... let's see what the courts of justice and public opinion will say about this in five years time?!

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If Conservatives really want to understand what is happening between the US and China then you need to read Ray Dalio's latest chapter on the subject matter. As some might know, he is one of the world most successful investors and business men

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Murdoch has decided that he wants his stooge MG as Premier ... what Murdoch wants Murdoch normally gets ... his man in the White House is toxic and he knows it ... he's on the wrong side of the trade over there and will hence be blackballed for a long time ... he doesn't want that to happen in the UK as well