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Bob, Cliven Bundy and I would likely kick the crap out of each other if we were forced to be in the same room. He's wrong about everything, always but Bureau of Land Management is backed by the largest empire in human history. What's Bundy got? Some acres and a dozen yokel friends. I'd have to go back and reread about that conflict but that's just not a fair fight. The USG and all the benefactors of crony capitalism like Monsanto have the upper hand here just like the cops have over black children.

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Really, NIMN. You mean everyone from Norman Finkelstein to Glenn Greewald has to wake up daily screaming about how awful Israel is -- the way the Fox viewing audiences demands every Arab and Muslimn denounces this that or the other?

Figure out how to use a google search engine, and you will find the endless list names of American, Israeli and English Jews (RIP, Tony Judt) who have been warning everyone who would listen about Israeli Apartheid for decades now while everyone lets the millions of Christian Zionists off the hook because people are more afraid of "creation science" and abstinence ed than the foreign policies for which the Christian rightists vote that affect all of us, not just your brats in the government schools.

Noam Chomsky who is famous just about everywhere but the US has been punished by the US establishment for 50 years for speaking the truth out our foul foreign policy. Let me check..yep, still Jewish. Richard Falk...still Jewish. Amira Haas...(I will stop now lest between the Jew haters and the Zionists, I unintentionally create a list of people that racists can use to harass.)

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The staff thanks you for all your kind thoughts.

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Nothing on this site is sacred to the spammers. -ak

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I have no idea what the story is with Mr. Kenny is, I just work here.

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P.S., Would be a radical and joyous move if #BlackLivesMatter took a stand against military recruiters targeting black and Mexican American teenagers in addition to white southern youth who get swept up in the lies of empire because this culture treats them as disposable.

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Rosemerry, excellent point re: Muslim (and Arab and Palestinian) fetuses. Large portions of the anti-abortion movement are MIA on the matter of Iraqi miscarriages, the treatment of pregnant Palestinian women and the droning of Pakistani midwives.

Where are the Mike Huckabees when we had this cultural low point:

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There's no government like no governent. -ak (speaking for myself not

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