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As a recovering perfectionist, I like the idea of practice as mastery rather than focusing on perfection. I can also recognize myself as a dabbler, obsessive and hacker. Self-mastery is the one pursuit I can honestly identify as a life time goal -- recognizing that self actualization is not a static state to achieve and maintain but a goal to strive for every day. Great book, great concepts --- thanks for sharing this info. Namaste, PN Tribe!

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Interesting ideas and questions to ask yourself. Take-aways include: It is what it is! and You cannot control other people or circumstances, only your responses to them. Investing in my personal stock market is crucial --- I do this every day. Thank you in advance for any feedback, but as Chopra says, "I am totally independent of the good or bad opinion of others." Namaste, PN Tribe!

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I am new to Ken Wilber's work so thanks for introducing his materials. I admire his efforts to synthesize and integrate information and insights from many disciplines to support the evolution of the Integral era. My favorite take away from this PN is 'YES and.' I have used a similar expression over the years --- "it is both Yin AND Yang." Duality (OR) thinking can be so limiting. It has been a true delight to teach my husband and others the virtues of seeing both the Yin AND Yang of concepts and situations. May we all expand our views and vision to appreciate both sides of the coin and move aways from black and white thinking. Namaste all

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I really like the questions Tracy proposes to help us sharpen our focus and develop a personal strategic plan. The insights gained from powerful questions can help redirect our focus to achieve what is most important. Years ago I attended a workshop in which the presenter gave us six index cards and asked us to write down the six most important things we would do if we only had six months to live (one item on each card). As the presentation continued, the speaker had us remove one card at a time as the six months ticked down --- five, four, three, two --- until you had one card left representing one month before you would die. What you are left with is the number one most important thing you would want to accomplish before you die. So ultimately the question becomes -- WHY WAIT?? Give it a try and create your own bucket list! Namaste, PN Tribe

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My favorite idea from this book by Millman is Carpe Punctum -- seize this moment! In each moment we have the opportunity to choose how we think, act, and respond to our experiences. May we choose wisely in each NOW. Namaste, PN Tribe

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I had heard of Russell Simmons but was not aware of his book --- thanks for highligthing his work. I really like his comment about committing to your vision --- "Once I have a vision for a new venture, I'm going to ride that vision until the wheels come off." This is a great comment that I plan to adopt in my new venture. The van Gogh quote is also wonderful --- "I dream my painting and paint my dream." May we all succeed in painting our dream into reality. Namaste, PN Tribe

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My favorite big idea from Conscious Living was the 100% commitment concept. I also like Brian's idea of carefully selecting non-negotiable commitments. Years ago I read a book called Romance Management. The general idea of that book was that we spend more time planning our career and even our vacations than we do finding a compatible life mate. So the author recommended making a list of non-negotiable criteria for selecting a mate that we can refer to in the early days of a relationship to avoid settling or overlooking our core needs in selecting a life partner. That advise has served me well. Whether it is 100% commitment in relationships, projects or to your personal growth, non-negotiable will take you much further than half-hearted. Happy Friday, PN Tribe

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Many helpful ideas from Millman's book including --- 1) making peace with failure; 2) being gentle with ourselves; 3) being and breathing fully in the present moment; 4) focusing on constructive action rather than fixating on emotions; 5) consistency of intensity; 6) consistency on the fundamentals; and 7) Brian's idea about non-negotiable commitment. May we all shine as we develop and share our mastery. Namaste, PN Tribe

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I really like the idea of changing our thinking from "I can't afford it." to "How can I afford it?" Believing that we can HAVE all our needs and desires met is a great mindset to cultivate and is key to attracting constant abundance in our lives. As Kiyosaki says, "The single most powerful asset we all have is our mind. If it is trained well, it can create enormous wealth in what seems to be an instant."

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I really like the idea of being a 'Temple without Walls' --- "seeing the whole world as the monastery, as the practice, as the spiritual temple." Confining our spiritual experiences and practices to a specific setting seems so limiting. It is refreshing and liberating to express our spiritual beingness anywhere and any time we are so moved. Truly, life is our classroom and lessons abound at every turn. I am grateful for my life and the lessons that provide opportunity for growth and spiritual expression. Namaste, PN Tribe