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It's true people shouldn't set the blame on them like this. They were given this and they had to work with it, and I'm sure they are making the best they can out of it. Same with Twilicorn.

I honestly think this fandom is great in general, but each day passes and I find it more and more ridiculous how many people flip their shit over such trivial matters.

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Well, the plot doesn't look great so far. Consider this: they live in Equestria, a world where you can practically dig gemstones out of your backyard. She's a goddamn princess, can't she just get a new crown? Unless that Pony princesses' crowns are like some sort of Sauron's ring and they hold some special power, doesn't make much sense to me.

And instead of having her friends accompany her, she just happens to stumble upon some girls that happen to look like her friends. Doesn't strike me as that brilliant either.

I know I might seem like a negative asshole, but I think it's better to have low expectations and not get disappointed, or maybe even get pleasantly surprised. Who knows, this could be OK, perhaps even great, but so far I wouldn't bet on it being any good, let alone any better than the ponies we already have.

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Heh, I wouldn't call you Fox News though.

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Well, that's OK. I can't vouch for the series because I have seen even less than Bronycurious, but if you have more experience on them then you have all the rights to disagree with this video.
He did come up with a kind of biased and unfair generalization, it just wasn't nearly as bad as you made it out to be.

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That's not the point I'm trying to make. Bronycurious did make a really one sided review of only a few episodes he saw, and brought up some unfair points like "horrible animation" but he is giving an honest and well thought opinion on them, even if it is really rash.

Comparing this to mindless haters and sensationalist bullshit like Fox News is wrong, since this had some background to it, and he was being honest with his thoughts. I doubt he just did it to get on the old gen hating bandwagon and get more audience.

For my part, I haven't watched much of MLP Tales, but from what I have seen, the series are incredibly bland and stereotypical. I do not hate them though.

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Then you should know better than calling this hate and bashing. The guy does have his reasons to dislike the cartoon, and while the analysis was far from objective, comparing this to Fox news is a really extreme statement.

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Did you even watch the video?

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Unrelated note, but thanks to that review I'll never shake off my head the feeling that Luna is secretly evil...

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What, just... what...

I think I died inside.