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Happy New Year! Whats with these American Conservatives, Liberals, Libertarians, and Neocons calling for Freedom and liberty to Iran. what is this Freedom that they proclaim! Have they not thought out that the riots in Iran were about food prices, and not the regime, and that most Iranians; the Persians are devout Shiites? Also have these interventionists not realized that they holy city of Qom is in Persia and that the regime has to be Shiite, and have they realized that Serpertation of church and state is impossible, as well that the former Shah in exile can't rule without support from the Ayatollah/Shiite Community? Have they not realized that most of the people protesting and telling the world on the ground are just western educated, left wingers who hate the traditions of they're nation? I thank you Dr. Scheuer for calling out this Bull-Shit!

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100 % percent agree Dr. Scheuer! Trump needs to purge the agencies and civil servants too! I disagree in that America's only national interest in Israel is the ability for Americans to go to the holy sites in Jerusalem, and else where but that's it.
I do need to ask what do you think of Americans going over as private volunteers in "Europe’s approaching civil"wars"?
Merry Christmas!

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To John Kitover
Since your an atheist answer this: How can man be an animal when he is at the same time the only creature that can understand or ask questions on the concept of metaphysics? animals can not do that!
Violence is never the answer: Nonsense violence is always an option and works perfectly.
take some medication, like smoke a joint once in a while,- Degenerate validated
there is no God you idiot.- then why do you have a concept of god in your consince in the first place?

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Dr, Scheuer could the reason why we have these issues in the first place with McCain, the Saudis,Israel lobby, a divided nation, anti religion policies, and forced deathly intervention be the concept of the republic in the first place?
There is a trend now where the younger generation rejects the founding political ideas or holds views that are not pro founders views, and hostility to Christianity.

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Dr. Scheuer what do you think of the Burmese war with the Muslims and what do you think the U.S should do.

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What do you think of the arugement that we should take down confederate monuments to protect them from being vandalize in the meantime? By the way your are correct on the S's of the Democratic party.

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Mike i need to ask how can we pull Iran into Afghanistan to get a Shiite-Sunni war there with the atheistic Chinese. I also want to expand my knowledge of Afghanistan history what book would you suggest to read? Thanks for writing.

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Mike the attacks in Europe prove that equalization of all religions and their buildings is a shame. Every state or nation should be based on there established church, Islam is not a cultural tradition of any westernized nation. You can not have a wall of the church and the state this must be unified.

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Hi, Dr. Scheuer i need to ask two questions on NK. Do you think Trump is or was putting enough pressure on china or not enough with china's problem with Bhutan, and India this summer to get help from china with the Korean issue. Do see Putin taking an action against NK or china to help the U.S.?

I'm buying your book Through our enemies eyes.