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Fingers crossed it was Javid coming out with all these stupid ideas about Mansion taxes, wealth taxes and the like. We voted blue, not red.

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Pretty cunning by Boris, notice how HS2 is now exclusively the Birmingham route.
The northern route is no longer HS2 phase 2, it's Northern Power House rail. The high-speed dropped no longer emphasised and the money for phase 2 will be redirected to traditional rail upgrades rather than high speed, which is the biggest part of the cost (straight tracks, miles of concrete sub base etc.

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" The Government is spending tens of billions of pounds a year (roughly £30 billion to £50 billion, depending on how you want to measure it), on a scheme which is largely unappreciated by the population."

This is a perfect example. They are not spending it, they are simply choosing not to take it off us. Or else do we say the difference between a 100% income tax rate and say 20% tax is government spending too?

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In all the supposed conversation of "why labour lost" so far, I've yet to see anyone point out that the media having these lefty talkingheads on every day is a massive part of it. Sky and the Beeb think they are pushing a left wing agenda but in reality Grace, Ash, Bastini, Walker as well as the old guard from the guardian Toynbee, Williams and Shabi, every time they open their mouths there's another vote for boris.

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As a molecular biologist i don't really feel qualified to comment on say the corona virus. It's just not my field. It appears climate scientists who presumably study the climate appear to be experts in the field of home heating engineering, transportation, aerodynamics, economics, batteries must be one hell of an in depth course.

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Technology is the key, but as usual groups like stinky rebellion, refuse to accept that technologies like carbon capture are or can be viable. Primarily because it does not fit with their real agenda which is overthrowing our current economic system. They are watermelons, green on the outside and red in the middle.

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Predictably they have made up their own "misleading arguments", non of which i've actually ever heard made.

Eg "The Earth’s climate is always changing and this is nothing to do
with humans."

No one makes that arguament, what is argued is how much man made climate change makes or is making to the total change in the climate.

We often here claims like 95% of scientists accept that man made climate change exists. Very few argue against this. But what is up for debate is the amount of climate change man causes.

We really need a mature debate on all of this. Something which just simply is not happening at this time.

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Much of this seems to come down to, well off people in the city with one of the best public transport systems in the world tell us we should not use cars.

I live less than 20 mins outside of Newcastle (by car), if I wanted to get into the city for work at 9 i would need to get the last bus at 10 pm and sleep in the lab.

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He regularly also argues about the link between earth greening and increased CO2. The planet has natural mechanisms to use the extra CO2 and has been using them.

My biggest concern is that we're effectively trying to control the planets natural cycles. So we manage to stop the planet warming, what do we do when it starts cooling again as we know it will due to suns activity changes? Any cold spell is going to be far worse than it would have been had we not acted.

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The biggest problem with banning or moving from gas boilers is there is no real alternative.

We have a solar water heater, fine in the summer gas-free hot water. Doesn't work from October to April.

Our current gas boiler is 10 year old (avg life 15), out of interest i looked into air heat pumps. They are not a viable replacement for a gas boiler/radiator system. They provide low constant heat not compatible with the radiator model, fine if you have say underfloor heating.

Therefore what exactly are we supposed to replace our entire central heating system with?