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So does freedom of movement for millions of working class. Either or. May the best team win.

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Unfortunately, the EU isn't bound by what we voted for in 2016. The government is offering them free trade, but they're not taking. Write to the EU if you don't like it.

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Speak to fishermen if you want to know what's best for fishermen. And consult a dictionary if you want to know what sovereignty means.

I don't think you really understand what's going on. You should research Brexit. Daniel Hannan's writing would be a good place to start! It was a really interesting debate and identity hardly came into it. People from all across the political spectrum voted against having an unnecessary extra layer of big undemocratic government.

And read some basic British and European history, and maybe even philosophy, to understand why Britain and the rest of Europe have different ways of doing things culturally and historically. Hope I helped!

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No it's not. It's about who holds power. Magna Carta, Reformation, Civil War, Glorious Revolution. None of the events that defined British sovereignty had anything to do with identity. Brexit returns sovereignty over numerous policy areas, trade, legislative and judicial powers, from the EU to the UK.

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Brexit was primarily about the constitution, i.e. sovereignty and democracy, not identity, according to the statements of the two main leave campaign groups, what was said in the debates and online forums, and all the post-referendum surveys of why people voted. People didn't want an unnecessary extra layer of big undemocratic government. They wanted more control over money, laws and borders. How can you not understand the arguments after four years? Sad that you were unable to engage with the biggest political question of your lifetime, but I suppose politics isn't everyone's thing.

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Too long; didn't read. I'll treat his opinion with the same respect he treated mine for the last three years. Are we allowed to use the T word to describe people who tried to sabotage a national vote and campaigned against their own party?

Failing comapnies shouldn't be artificially kept afloat. But state aid rules, which we are the only EU country stupid enough to actually adhere to, are one of the main reasons people, including me, voted leave.

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Shh. Adults are talking little boy.

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There should be no referendum till Brexit uncertainty is over. Any earlier would gift the SNP the ability to weaponise project fear in order to obscure the fact that they're not interested in independence, never mind nationalism, at all. The actual terms of the debate are: do you want government to be bigger, further away, less democratic and accountable, more anti-nationalist, with less proportional representation and financial benefits, and reverse devolution; or do you want to remain in the Union.

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That should be the post-Brexit Tory logo: get THINGS done.

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>nobody knows what life outside the EU will be like

We have over 100,000 years of human history to study to understand what like outside the EU is like, including over 99% of UK history. We can look at the other 90% of non-EU countries in the world. For most of us, we can literally think back to 1993 and remember first-hand what life was like outside the EU.