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Very cool.

Also a note: the link to “Der ingen skulle tru at nokon kunne bu.” in the post is broken (I assume it should link to the NRK blog post?)

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One thing I forgot: on your old comment system, it says when commenting on a certain post will close. E.g. for this post, it says "Comments for this post will be closed on 19 January 2009." Do comments close after a certain time when using IntenseDebate? If so, you might want to display the message then as well.

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It seems like your old comment system shows up if you have JavaScript disabled (for instance if you are using NoScript in Firefox), which means that you get no indication that the experience would be different if you have JavaScript enabled (i.e. you would be able to use IntenseDebate). Also, with the comment I just posted on the NRK post (, sorry for the double post btw) I still see the same problem as grfgguvf, the link to the comment ( links to the Miro front page, not to the blog post.

One more problem: if there is something wrong with the IntenseDebate site (as happened just a few minutes ago when I was trying to verify my account, I got "504 Gateway Time-out" and "502 Bad Gateway" errors) then you cannot view or post any comments on the blog post.

Also, what happens if IntenseDebate goes out of business? Do all comments on sites that use it disappear, or are they stored on the sites themselves as well as at IntenseDebate?

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Also, they are releasing a free podcast of one of their shows ("Our Daily Beatles") that describes the story of every Beatles song ever written (all 212) which includes the full track itself:

(via TUAW: