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You know who else had people listen to totally nutty propaganda....

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Burying white-hot puddles of molten steel/uranium/zirconium/plutonium is not a big win. It just might insulate the top of the molten mass, giving it more heat available for the melting downwards towards Patagonia action. Or maybe you end up with geysers of red-hot radioactive man-made lava. Getting awfully close to Godzilla movie territory there.

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This latest document looks like an old diazo blueprint negative contact-print, like my old 1968 college transcript.

You'd think a guy as important as Trump could get a fresh, positive snapshot from the original records.

Just sayin'

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This is old news-- I think it was the "Freakonomics" guy that looked into the distribution of right and wrong answers and found all kinds of fishy coincidences.

Also, he also blew the lid off Sumo Wrestling, but I think there's no connection to standardized test scores there.

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That's not a Birth Certificate! It's a "Certificate of Birth"!

And you'll note the hospital name is not named in the copperplate gothic text body, but was instead stamped over the top in a precursor of Comic Sans.

Also very curious that there is no serial number or reference number of any kind.

Also the penmanship is mighty 4-th grade-ish.

Should we have Dan Rather look into this?

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There is no justice. Robert Gibbs is the epitome of the guy that got pushed into the lockers in Junior High, mainly because his dad gave him crewcuts with what appeared to be a a weed-whacker.

{ Not that bullying is acceptable!, just sayin }

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I got no love for T-PAW-- he made it his crusade to cut medical care for poor folks, including my terminal and disabled sister-in-law. Not a nice man.

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Hmmm, let's do the math (even though Barbie says its hard). $10 big ones at $150 is

66,666.6666666666666... steaks! (worse, the 666's go on forever).

What further proof does anyone need that Obama is a gorilla communist AntiChrist?

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Hey,m wait a minute, that's not three Joe's. "Joe The Plumber" is not a plumber, and he's not a real Joe. Well, it's his middle name, but by that rule we should be calling certain events "A evening with Louise (Palin)"

We need real, Joes, like Joe DiMaggio and Joe (Mickey) Rooney.

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Speaking of bizarre, on, new copies are priced at $24.99, but used ones command $73 to $101. Is this turnabout mandated somewhere in his Green Book?