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Two things:

(1) I think the guidelines for the Amercian flag include that it shouldn't be put on trivial and dirtyable wear items, like say high heels or boots. Why does Lou Sarah hate the Flag?

(2) It would take a whole lot more than five cents for that deal to go down. So to speak. I was going to tally up my estimate of what I'd charge for that particular moustache ride but I got naseous in the first two seconds of that thinkothon.

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She's only a Bumpit and high heels away from looking like Sarah Palin. Just Sayin'

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My my, I agree with her, how can anybody equate humans with that ugly dumb hairy dumb animal on the other side of the cage bars? Megan sure doesn't seem to qualify as one of us.

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What is that round thing around her neck?

It looks like a spark-plug gapping tool but she sure doesn't set off any sparks anymore.

BTW did you hear Bristol can identify spark plug brands by feel? You just shove one up her b*m and she shouts "Champion!".

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Hmmm, neurological symtoms with no organic cause. To use a Fox News rhetorical leading question: Could it POSSIBLY be that his brain is rebelling from all the crapola he has been pretending to believe all these years?

Glenn: consider that maybe your health is worth more than keeping up your facade of being the all-knowing all-seeing interpreter of events. Consider maybe retiring to a tropical island, but first get a big crying rag and, no, it really will do you good, go and confess on the tee-vee that you really haven't believed a word of what you've been saying the last 20-odd years. You will feel a whole lot better. As will we.

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Hey, I still have a crush on Obama Girl. While some of her choices may have been less than optimum, she can dance on my bed anytime.

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Hmm, she's plenty hot, but has a little too much of the Michele Bachman zombie stare. Let me think that over ( in my bunk ). Nah, I got nuthing.

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What's strange is how she didn't seem offended by that comment, she just thought "I was alarmed that things had gotten so bad so fast"

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She's a tranny? That would explain a lot.

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And Bris, that's "fazed", not "phased", unless he's a real dynamo.