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This is literally the first thought that popped into my mind after I read the synopsis. Kudos!

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Ha! Wow! Okay, not sure if anyone else caught this, but that brochure that Rarity is reading? That's based on a real tourist trap, "THE MYSTERY SPOT" See: . Just a little random local knowledge for ya'll. I wonder if any of the crew has ever been to it?

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Is no one going to talk about that Game of Thrones teasing Meghan tweeted? Anyone? Anyone at all?

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Get ready for some Fan-Canon Busting, Pinkie Pie action, folks.

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It was pretty good! Definitely one of the most comedic episodes of the season, with the continuing gag with the eagle, Apple Bloom's near Applicious, and the gags and quirks of the Apple Family. In the end I'm pleased with it.

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I KNOW, RIGHT!? Oh sweet Celestia, I almost fell out my seat laughing at that!

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So, first impressions after watching the episode.

I liked it. It's refreshing to go back to a slice of life episode with an actual moral (seriously what was the point of "Bats!"?). Once again, Rarity shines in her episode. Good story, it was funny, and we were treated with 2 songs! One of the better episodes this season.

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It was well worth the sacrifice of becoming a magical girl. Thank you. (lol)

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Sherclop Pones, please for the love of Celestia, DO MORE OF THESE! We need more Kimi Sparkle reviews!

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Yeah, that promo's not foreboding at all. Nothing possibly could go wrong next season...