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i think someone posted about a DC wake in the first page of comments? i think? edit: yes: ToastWake near you thread.

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me too!

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This is amazing. (From one lurker to another)

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I love this! I'm just a very tall woman, and I dress however I want (mens pants fit me better, but i do flowers and cleavage and stuff) but i get the public bathroom double take most of the time. when im sir-ed I don't really care, but that look from women in the bathroom when they think there's a big man coming in really makes me feel unhappy in the body.

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Phew! Sounds like you'll be okay. Between the tests and the vigilance and the 10 days of doxy, I bet it's fine.
So super frustrating though that ticks carry this crazy hard to detect and potentially very damaging disease, but the more we know about it, the better we'll get at recognizing and treating before it causes too much damage.

My mom just got the rash a couple days ago... Third (?) time with Lyme for her. So she's on three weeks of antibiotics now. The thing is, she finds ticks on her all. the. time. so the fact that really a pretty small percentage of them have transmitted lyme is a teeny tiny bit reassuring.

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YAY Have a great time!! Also, long train journeys are the best. I hope you have a good book.

I dearly miss my girlpals, since i moved to a suburb far far away. but will be seeing one in a couple weeks and together we will travel for a week!! so super excited.

IN the meantime, this week, I have lunch with two potential new local friends and can't wait to possibly have girls in walking distance again. the friend-dating period is a tough one, but the rewards are so great!

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I dont know a ton, but I live in a very lymes-prone area and many close friends and family are exposed to tick and get lyme all the time.

Here's my two cents: I believe that a tick has to be in you long enough to become engorged which is about 24 hours before it will infect you. Do you have any recollection of the day or night before you got bit and whether you checked under your boob and remember seeing anything? If you didn't have anything the night before, it was probably a spider, not a tick.

BUT if you don't know, and you think it could be a tick (ie you were out in the woods or tall grass in a place with lots of deer), doctors in my area (Eastern Long Island/Lyme capital of the world) are prescribing the following:
2 capsules by mouth
just once (at same time) a.s.a.p. --so don't wait for test.

Apparently one dose of that powerful antibiotic right away will catch the disease before it really gets into your system. The antibiotic will make you feel sick for a couple hours (take it with food if you're sensitive). Good luck! The great thing is you already went to the doctor and are already thinking about lyme, so you are well ahead of the curve. If you get sick, you wont waste any time with a mistaken diagnosis.

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The heat got me way down, too, and I generally like the summer heat. Do you have access to a gym for after work? I find exercise to be essential when I'm starting to feel helpless/sad/losing confidence and if you can go to an air conditioned gym maybe you can get your heart rate up, dopamines, confidence, etc?

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Hooray! It is so awesome that you got those days to yourself. I find walking to be so head-clearing and important. I hope the trend continues.

After a rough start to the week, my anxiety seems to be clearing a bit. I think much of it has to do with isolation/loneliness in a new place, but I finally have a tiny bit of a social calendar and things are looking up. Now just crossing my fingers I can build my resiliency for the next time things aren't looking so rosy.