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Thats one way to do it for sure. Congratulations on your success here as well.

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the white... spittle around his chin is a bit unsettling

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when I finished reading this strip I wasnt sure how I felt. I didnt get the point, until I read your post and now everything is coming together.
And... you're right on every level. Its fine for people to share their feelings (good or bad) but to just keep doing it? Sounds like boredom to me.

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I sure that in another couple of years the cops will wish that his Dad had whipped him once or twice.

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I dont know why, but this reminded me of a time when I was in high school and I had a math test. I was never real good at math but there was a question that I go tthe right answer with, but according to my teacher my formula was wrong so he marked it as wrong. I was pissed. I remember staying after class and arguing for about ten minutes that it shouldn't matter what the how I got the answer just that I got it right. He didnt see my point.

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I havnt heard "cowabunga" on years. God that brings back memories. remember the first TMNT live action movie? That was so cool in the day. Wonder how it holds up today.

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I actually agree with you Bearman to a point. It happens all of the time. I didnt like the Devinci Code mostly because I read the book. My dad on the other hand did like the movie and never read the book.
But I feel that comic book movies have so much source material that it would be simple enough to take the important parts of the whole story and break it down into a cohesive story that is intelligent and entertaining.
The Wolverine origin had seeds of something greater but never at any point expanded on the things that made Logan who and what he is today. I wasnt expecting this movie to be a verbatim telling of the books, but some kind of respect for us and the people who made him what he is today would have been nice.
when people make the argument that fan boys should just be happy at what they get I usually ask them what their favorite TV show is. Lets say its CSI. Well, if they decided to make a big budget movie of that TV show but then changed everything or just dumbed it down to a point that it looked like shell of that show with nothing else there... wouldnt you be a little pissed?

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There was a lot of issues about this movie that should be mentioned. However, I almost feel that I should mention that my wife didn’t “hate” the movie and I think that she didn’t hate it because shes not a “fan” of this stuff from her child hood. There is a strong chance that she wouldn’t see half the movies she does if it wasn’t for her comic book lovin’ geek of a husband (that would be me). So that said, it might not be as bad to people who are just casual moviegoers.
But, there is a bunch of us who are more then that. I grew up on the Wolverine book (at that point Marvel didn’t see him as the cash cow he is today and only had the one book) and the artist, both the illustrators and writers, influenced us with this dynamic character that could kick a lot of ass but also was someone who had a lot of hart. Simply put, Logan was cool.
1)The movie didn’t explore Logans origins so much as they showed us what we already know in staged settings with a weak story that tied everything together. Instead of showing the emotions that would one would have when their loved one was killed, we got the typical Wolverine shot of him roaring into the air.
2)When the time came for these two mortal enemies to clash Logan and Victor had normal comic book movie wire fights that didn’t show them colliding into a battle in any epic way. It was all very blah!
3)The inclusion of way to many mutants as set pieces just for the sake of having them in the movie weighed it down and took away any chance of a strong intelligent story to happen. I’m not even getting into the Deadpool debate because I think there was way to many problems with the over all story and Deadpool just got caught up in that.
4)Special FX… what? This is 2000 and 9 people… his claws can look real! WTF all the way.
5)I wont spoil it for you but the ending and how Logan loses his memory. Lame.

At the end of the day I think the movie was put together to make those casual fans of the X movies, who didn’t know who he was until then, happy. It was bland with no redeeming value what so ever. I can only hope that in another 5-10 years they revisit the stories of Logans past and do an intelligent movie about this character.

Just my opinion of course.

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I was just going to say the same thing about Wolverine as Shawn said... then I read his comment and now I have nothing to say so... well this is awkward. So yeah...

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I think this will be a turning point for dad. IN order to be closer with his son, he'll start a life of crime... or maybe not.