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The thing is, she's really well read. She's one of the few people I know who still gets a newspaper and reads it every day. As for news, she leans toward the Today show over Fox. She loathes the Tea Party and her a-hole governor, Paul LePage. I suspect it's an "institutional racism" sort of thing. She did not grow up around non-Caucasions and Maine was notoriously white until the last 20 years or so with the influx of Somali immigrants.

Usually we are on the same page politically, so this was stunning to me.

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It isn't that my mom is horrible, it's just that today she became a wing-nut.

Blame it on her age, blame it on Facebook, but my formerly liberal mom was talking on the phone today about rampant welfare fraud and looting in Ferguson and seemed certain that Michael Brown "attacked that officer" who was "defending himself." I was so stunned, I quickly told her I couldn't continue this conversation and hung up.

I'm STILL pretty confused by the whole conversation. Maybe I missed some signs along the way. If anyone has some advice to deal with this situation before Christmas, I'd appreciate it.

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Hey! My Canadian health care has no co-pays or monthly premiums. But I DO have to pay for my own slut pills, so it's relative.

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Thanks, Obama!

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I hope all my Canadians are well today. Yesterday, I was glued to the CBC newsfeed during the shootings. It was professional, sober and calming. I flipped over to a U.S. cable news channel and it was just "ISIS! ISIS! They're coming to get us!" I've never seen such a stark difference before and I'm glad CBC and Peter Mansbridge were there to act like friggin' grownups.

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My in-laws live just outside of Keene and my husband graduated from Keene State back in the day. When we were visiting the in-laws this past summer, my father in law SPECIFICALLY mentioned the pumpkin festival and the drunken elements, aka the entire student body, that go crazy every year. He said that it was a matter of time before it got "really bad" and I dismissed it as foolish, because I live in a city where the mayor is a well-known crackhead.

Boy, is there ever pumpkin on my face.

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OK, here's a personal story. I got the occasional spanking, usually with a ping pong paddle. But the most traumatizing event in that vein was when my mother "washed my mouth out with soap" for cursing. She literally put a bar of soap in my mouth and ground it into my back molars. I can still taste it when I think about it.

Did it make me a better person? No.
Do I still swear? You, better fucking believe it.

Wouldn't you?

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I can't upvote this enough.

Also, this:

And yes, it IS more garbage than pizza.

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Totally OT, but I remember that episode of "St. Elsewhere" (back when TV Land used to air good shows) and Betty White played some sort of military attache or something and toward the end of the episode she passes the Psych Ward. Inside the ward is a patient, who thinks he's Mary Tyler Moore, who comes out and recognizes Betty as "Sue Ann Nivens" from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." Military Betty, obviously, has no idea what he's talking about.

Such a great show.

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All I know is that my UU church is busting its walls with members (we need a larger building and soon), while I watch other churches put "For Sale" signs out front. When you are inclusive, you'd be surprised how many people actually show up.

I don't know what our minister would do if we were picketed during service, but now I kinda wish it would happen.