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What a wuss. He's actually lucky. If we really, REALLY wanted him dead, he would be dead.

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After seeing quotes from his mother, she should be held as well for creating this litte punk. Come to Texas and break into my house. Please?

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I'm not a liberal and I think cigarettes are much worse than cannabis. Ever looked up the ingredients added into a typical cigarette? Indulge yourself....

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Wow, I like some of Zappa's music but this doesn't tie to the story in any way, shape or form. Stop doing those drugs, they're rotting your already feeble mind.

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Personally, I would have kicked him out of my shop on the spot and told him not to come back.

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Absolutely ridiculous. So they're saying that even though they're stoooopid, that have to be treated like smart people because they are black? What about all of the white guys who fell into the same percentile?

This crap has absolutely got to stop. I wonder if the same "affirmative action" exists on the board to receive a doctorate? I would hate to think there is a minority Dr. out there who only got their degree because of their color.

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LOL very true.

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Utterly pathetic. She should be sent back to Kenya to offset the 6 years she lived here illegally and mooched off the american taxpayer. I'm getting really sick of this crapola. You liberal scumbags must realize your days are numbered.

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The South should take this as an act of war and finally go clean house. It's time for those commie dirtbags to go. They've completely run that country into the ground and tortured their inhabitants for too long.

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LOL, she is for birth control to be paid for by the gubment. No biggie really. Illegals from Mexico are against birth control anyway. Their plan is to breed themselves into power in the US. How stupid would it be to eat BC pills?

Oh and thanks for the stripper contestant photos. You'll represent the US wonderfully.