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If people are so keen on paying more tax for the NHS, why on earth would they be opposed to paying for their own health care or at least directly contributing to the cost of it. Free at the point of delivery is one of the main drivers for the huge waste, inefficiciency and mismanagement of NHS resources. There was a time when Tories would be concerned about tbat and about getting value for money for the taxpayer. Apparently no longer.

Those who favour higher taxes to fund the NHS might just as well vote Labour because if the Tories go down this route there is nothing to differentiate them from Labour.

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Too many unskilled immigrants, particularly from the EU who benefit who benefit from positive discrimination for no good reason, is helping to cause the standard of living crisis by depressing wage levels. It’s about time you woke up that reality instead of being an unquestioning apologist for immigration regardless of the strain it causes our public services and regardless of the pain it causes workers here.

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May, Rudd and Nokes are as out of their depth as Corbyn and Abbott. Trying to pass the buck for responsibility is not what is needed here. We need to put right the situation and improve our processes so this can’t recur. This ugly spat between May and Corbyn shows how badly conducted politics is in this country.

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Corbyn was looking to recover ground he lost yesterday in the debate on antisemitism in the party he leads.

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Of course there should be an enquiry, and the enquiry should look at the conduct of senior civil servants not just the politicians. The Home Office is notorious for its cock ups but there is gross incompetence in almost every department of state - Defence, the NHS, DWP, etc etc. We will never improve the good governance of the country if we go trying to pass the buck for mistakes between the Tories and Labour and between politicians and civil servants and we can’t go on this undeserved farce that the civil service are the benchmark for excellence and can’t make mistakes. This whole sorry episode is shameful and lessons need to be learned.

We need an immigration policy that controls numbers coming here, is skill based, and that is non discriminatory. We don’t need to be making those who came here in good faith feel victimised or unwelcome.

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Not at all. Unless Parliament is to be a talking shop for those with perceived ideas and views, simply talking at each other rather than to each other, surely a debate without a vote is entirely appropriate so that the Gov can account for its actions and MPs can question those.

That still leaves open the possibility of a motion of censure or no confidence if MPs so wish.

Why do the two have to be part of the same debate ?

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Anyone who thinks Labour is interested in solving issues rather than simply exploiting them for their own advantage deserves a Labour Gov so that they can find out to their cost how wrong they are. Fortunately, there inmates are not yet running the asylum.

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Parliament holding the Executive to account does not require a vote. There is a legitimate debate. There is not a motion to vote on.

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The only poll that counts is the general election and public opinion shifts all the time with events. Those same polls show May is still much more popular and trusted than Corbyn.

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Parliament had no right to try and exercise any control over the use of Royal prerogative in authorising the attacks on Syria but it does have a right to hold the PM accountable for her actions. May,whose inter-personal skills are pretty non existent, therefore does have a difficult job because she has a fine line to tread. She can’t afford to be unduly apologetic nor unduly hubristic. She has to bear in mind that the real audience is the public, not the HoC whom she is addressing, because, as the article says, Tory MPs have nothing to gain and a lot to lose by siding with Labour.

The country is as divided over Syria as it is over Brexit, largely because the Gov is negligent in showing Labour for its moral and intellectual bankruptcy. May can however look forward to being helped by the Russian apologists on Labour’s front bench. I was very much in favour of air strikes so I wish May well.