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A Wikipedia account of the sub prime crisis in the US has nothing to do with events in the U.K. which scarcely get a mention and rightly so. Labour’s disastrous monetary and fiscal policies did that together with their disastrous decision to remove bank supervision from the Bank of England.

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What austerity ? There hasn’t been any. Gov spending has grown every year since 2010. What violence from austerity ? There hasn’t been any.

I doubt you do want all threats of violence to stop despite your protestations to the contrary otherwise you would condemn threats of violence even against Tories like McVey. You haven’t.

Wages haven’t gone up because of our appalling productivity and because of an endless supply of cheap Labour via immigration. It’s not rocket science to work that out.

Row tree Trust figures shows that households in poverty has flatlined for about 20 years so that claim doesn’t stack up. As for housing, quantify the shortfall rather go off on an emotive rant.

Actually, sub prime debt had nothing to do with the collapse of Northern Rock, Bradford & Bingley, Alliance and Leicester and the ABN Amro was far more significant to RBS’ downfall than sub prime. Blaming that on sub prime is another Labour fallacy.

All in all, your comments don’t have much going for them.

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Charles II was a serial philanderer as was Edward IV. Charles had no military attributes and accomplished very little that was worthwhile during his reign other than survival which is hardly a claim to fame. Edward IV was indeed a great warrior king but nowhere near as competent as Henry II, Edward III or Henry V in that regard.

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What nonsense. For a start our economic policies have seen record numbers of people in work. We have seen a massive influx of net immigration with none of the widespread violence in some of the southern and eastern EU countries and none of the inhuman passing the parcel they have indulged in. Welfare spending has grown exponentially since 2010 despite Labour crashing the economy in 2007/8.

As for your comments on violence, you think it’s OK to threaten violence as long as it doesn’t become actual do you. Only someone with no moral compass would say that. Your complete contempt for the abuse hurled as the likes of McVey, Eagle, Berger, Creasey etc is frankly disgusting.

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I have seen no account that says that is what the parole board have done; that is what the fuss is about. Moreover, if it is possible for a judge to be asked to review a sentence for undue leniency upon sentencing, it surely has be right that a parole board decision to consider early release should also be capable of being reviewed.

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Yes, I find the Tudors and the Stuart’s far too self absorbed and myopic to be really that interesting myself.

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You could also have quite properly sought Leading Consel’s opinion after seeking Counsel’s opinion without being accused of opinion shopping.

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I think this callous disregard for the victims and shows what a gutless wonder Gauke is. Frankly to not publish the legal advice he received and that he based his decision on, is an abdication of responsibility to preserve confidence in the legal system. How has he satisfied himself that the parole board followed its mandated procedures if so many victims were not told of the release before it was announced.

Given the waste of public money over which this Gornment presides, not least Overseas Aid, I would rather have seen a challenge made and fail than not made at all.

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Personally, I think George III has as a good a claim as any despite the loss of America. Britain faced and defeated two existential challenges from France to its very existence on his watch - 7 years War and Napoleonic War and saw the evolution of the modern parliamentary parties and our political system

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Speak for yourself Saffie. I don’t accept that for one moment. Helping people into jobs and wean them off reliance on the state for everything is not an attempt to destroy public services. There is nothing wrong in my view with wanting public services to be effective, rather than box ticking administration which too many of them are. There is nothing wrong with wanting do away with universal benefits and means testing benefits so that benefits can be more generous but only to those who actually need them. That’s what one nation conservatism is all about in my view.

Wanting to increase and enlarge a bloated welfare state and not make it accountable for the resources it consumes is simply irresponsible.