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Thank you guys for posting about this. I was on campus for a final, and was across from the library when it happened. I can't even snark about it (I have way better analysis skills as opposed to sarcasm skills), but seeing everyone else's commentary helps immensely. One thing, though. It happened Friday afternoon, not Saturday....

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I am so in! See everyone next week!

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Fox News livestream hates freedom and my laptop computer's ability to view this dog and pony show....

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Don't forget to take a bong rip when Gary Johnson is asked about his marijuana legalization position!

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Perhaps it was *wink*....

I sometimes think about the Yippies and the Democratic Convention in Chicago when they were threatening to put LSD in the city water supply. Think we could see better results if we pipe in some cannabis smoke onto the floor of Congress, *accidentally* have a Frito-Lay lobbyist deliver some munchies, and lock the doors and let everyone work it out-might see some better logic that we see coming from them now!

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/Snark off, rant on and only somewhat OT

This is the first time since I began reading and contributing to (search "Bilbray Chicken") Wonkette in '06 that the humor of bloggers and the fellow commentators here have not made the state of our nation more palatable.

As a political wonk for hire I should be interested in jumping on the trail to "make a difference" in 2012, but FUCK, does it even matter? Corporations doing shit like this and being considered to have personal rights and the ability to donate freely to campaigns; rogue politicians stirring shit up in places we are supposedly just lending our "specialized talents" to, and instigating us into another war we don't need; and general asshattery done in the name of "the constituents" who I would be certain that if they even understood half of what bills like the budget bill were proposing would be rolling right up in their hover-rounds to the doors of their Congressperson protesting the whole damn thing.

And as a woman, the idea that I can call my congressman and be treated like a 2nd class person because I decried his support of cutting Title IX-and I receive a form letter telling me why my belief is wrong and harming our nation infuriates me. Don't get me started on what happens when I call for the rescheduling of cannabis (In CA, there are so many cannabis campaigns that a person with political experience and a passion for helping others is always in demand)

I don't want to waste my time raising money for someone who will say what it takes to appease the democratic base to be elected, and then gives a bilateral reach-around to people like the aforementioned woman-hating congressman above.

Growing up my parents used to say I was born in the wrong decade due to my love of social justice (and a good protest), but I think we have every reason to be out on the streets now as there was in the late 60's...

/Snark on

I'll be the one in the street burning my iPhone...

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ShavetheWhales-I read it, and was impressed enough to emerge from my self-imposed "year of no snark" to comment. "weak-assed, politically incoherent, unprincipled, dishonest, short-sighted, too-stupid-to-live, intellect-hating, union-dissing, motherfucking moronic idiot shit-for-brains, catastrophically worthless, santorum-sucking lizard-people-simulated back" is the best insult I have seen today. I think that nothing else would need to be said-just that you and them in an elevator!