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Thank you for the report MeJane it is so nice to hear the info from someone who was there not posted from the media.

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I agree with you that things are spinning so fast no one can keep up with it all that's why vent is so nice to have because there are so many people finding so much good information and helping us to see and keep up with it all it's just to much for one person to find. Thank you everyone!

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Thank you! BUMP

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Thank you for this great info

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I think vent is a useful tool for all of us here. when we are frustrated and can't take it anymore the friends we have made here rally around you and help you feel better, not so alone and frightened. Everyone here has taken it upon themselves to do research and as a big family are able to bring more information to everyone's attention compared to just one individual can. I have gained so much from everyone here and have learned so much more than being on my own and I want to say Thank you to everyone. The only 2 Things I have a problem with is 1) is that sometimes when good people post really good and important information on here it can get lost or ignored because some people seem to concentrate on other not so important posts such as multiple people posting on the same topic instead of it staying in one thread or there are times when people just keep complaining about things and not coming together to find a solution or an action to take, not that it is a bad thing it can just be a frustrating thing. 2) Is that sometimes people get so caught up being angry at some one who is voicing their opinion and not agreeing with one another that they keep attacking each other. It is not that hard to put yourself in some one else shoes and see their side of things and just be mature adults and agree to disagree.
I have to fallow suit with everyone to voice my thanks to you JW for creating and maintaining this whole site including vent it has provided a much needed platform for us to come together and take action. I think it is important for us all to remember that this is a place to share ideas, have a family like support system, but we also need to remember that we need to take action on the things that we are upset about, not just keep complaining.
Thank you for letting me voice my opinion! :)

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I figured Id post the "A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots" web site here incase there are any Mommy's that would like to join. It is the one from Glenn Becks show Friday night where he had 3 of the Moms back on again sorry cant remember their names of the top of my head. There are a few of us from here that are on the Mommy Patriots site now that I saw and when I signed up last night members were at 5,700 ish now it is 25,008 and growing.

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Thank you very much im4imus! I totally agree "That the filth from the liberals know no bounds."

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Ditto, Im so so so with you on what you said "the modern definition of torture (waterboarding) does not describe my response to their release on probation."

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I am not a mild mannered American and I comprehend more than you will ever know! For your information I am already awake, most of the people on this sight are awake that's why we are on this sight we have read, study history, been in wars, have first had experience, dug for the truth, reviled the truth, and have seen the horrible things that have happened are tired of it and trying to do something about it. We are all here coming together, sharing information and supporting one another in a We The People are stronger together than alone stance. Many people on this sight have posted many links to other petitions as well as other valuable information, we are all here doing what we can to make a difference. Whether it be signing petitions, marching DC, informing people, calling/emailing/writing government, tea parties, town halls, and everything in between that we can think of to stop this madness. Every little bit we do helps and makes the We The People voice much louder, whatever it may be.

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Saw Mike Huckuby on Gretta today thought it was important to share this with everyone!
From Huck Pac
Join the 47,733 signatures and counting... Huck PAC Petition Goal:100,000Sign the Petition below:

To President Barack Obama, Majority Leader Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Members of Congress:

The Constitution starts with "WE THE PEOPLE". Our Leaders seem to have forgotten that phrase..

American families on a daily basis make hard choices in order to live within their means.

Why can't Congress and our federal government do the same?

I urge you to work towards balancing the budget.

I urge you to cut our taxes so families can save more and to cut the wasteful spending that is mortgaging the future of generations of Americans and severely limiting their ability to prosper.

Instead of your own re-election, put families in your district and state first.

I am signing this simple: "BALANCE, CUT, SAVE" petition because I believe it is these three things that you should remember when making decisions about new spending, taxes and health care in the weeks ahead.

If you stick to these guiding lights, you can't go wrong.

Mr. President and members of Congress, I've kept it simple for you:


That's what should guide you in your decisions in the week's ahead. My family can't afford the decisions you are making on my behalf so I am signing this petition to remind you of what is important:

My Family, My Country And My Freedom.

Thank you and God Bless America!

Make Your Mark

Sign The Petition