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Congratulations are in order here. You invent the sharia law, you deserve to live under it. But please keep it to your selves. Do not export your great sharia law to the filthy infidels unless you consider sharia law to be a filthy law.

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This story is fine with me. As long as both of them were muslims who cares when rats kill their own? It is a case of rats kill rats and the world is a better place when more rats die.

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During his sentence, he should be subjected to having all his meals with a splash of feces so that he can truly taste his own medicine.

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Washington: US ignores Christians in muslim lands who are being wiped out and eliminated.

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Don't waste tine on this terrorist. Obama will pardon him so what's the point in convicting him?

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"UK Intelligence: Terror strike could come at any time”.

Hallelujah! The UK Intelligence is alive!

By the way, when some Brits protested the G8 last week, the police kicked ass big time. Who said the British police were bunch of cowards? Didn't you see them kicking ass of the real Brits?

Now, when muslims destroy and burn down London during islamic riots, police are instructed to leave them alone not due to cowardice, rather out of respect for the foreigners and for political correctness thing - not cowardice, of course not.

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No one is torturing these women in the notorious Irani prison. The guards are so nice to them that they make love to them (forcefully). In fact all the guards are nice to them. They are so nice that every guard has made love to both of them. Should any of the women get pregnant, they will marry them as the sixth or seventh wife.

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Two-State solution, one for fatah and one for hamas and the Israelis will thrown into the sea.

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What is Israel waiting for? They have the green light. Now go get he bad guys.

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The West will never wake up as they would rather barry their heads in the sand.

Islam will never reform as it is based on these corrupt values such as lie, deceit, killing, looting, raping, women abuse, terrorism, pedophile, taqyia, backwardness and every bad thing you could think of. These are the prominent features of islam and they are what attract bad people to become muslims. Correct some or any of these values by reforming islam and will lose islam altogether. Something that will never be allowed to happen by the bad people.

You need to understand that bad people are desperate to cling onto something that they can call "religion" and even funnier, "religion of peace". I wonder where do they see peace in islam. Islam is the perfect contrary to peace.