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I think "Hurt Locker" still gets it. Many people still haven't seen the move but it is very good. Also think Invictus gets a nod as well. Will you be doing predictions on the acting awards as well? Those races look to be very tight this year.

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Any answers to our Online Franchise question from last week?

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I wonder about is this transfers to the online franchise mode. That would be golden. Especially the injury part which would prevent you from losing someone who gets hurt in real life.

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Nice review here. Have you seen Precious yet? I agree w/you about "Hurt Locker" getting picture of the year. That was an amazing movie.

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I was wondering why NHL '10 wasn't on this list at all, but after your explanation it makes sense. That online stuff pissed me off too. It is funny how all the games in your top 10 are not perfect and need to improve in some important areas. Let's see what happens in 2010. Well done list. I enjoyed following it.

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I forgot to ask, is there online Franchise/Dynasty in this game (a la NCAA or Madden to a lesser extent), or do the "online seasons" have to be restarted at the end of each one. I wonder if we see progression, retirements, etc on this online season mode.

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The continue to mention correcting online play as one of the most important features/additions to this years game. It is hard to believe they will not get it right. I am getting more impressed. Also pleased about online leagues and the additions. I wonder if there is some sort of spectator mode that adds to the radio mode they currently have.

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I can agree with Madden coming a long way this year, but I think it is still catching up to NHL 10, MLB the Show and even NCAA '09 with regards to the Online Franchise aspect. that is the only mode I will play so I am speaking from that perspective. A few things that need to be in the next game (including some that pasta mentioned):
1) Full and complete Online franchise mode including trading draft picks, salary cap, accurate CPU trade logic, ability to go longer than 10 seasons,
2) full web capability (NCAA needs this too) to do trades, cuts, signings, etc.
3) Halftime show including relevant highlights.
4) Updated camera angles to include CUSTOM, wide (like Old Gen Madden).
5) Spectator Mode (MLB has the "radio version" but needs visual as well)
6) Ability to upload actual NCAA draft classes from NCAA game into the online Franchise.

Those are the top 6 IMO. Until those are in the game, I view Madden as an incomplete game.

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Very good game here. I am surprised this didn't place higher, but perhaps if they continue progress for next year it will grow even higher. I might place this one higher than NHL, but they would be close. Have you joined a club that plays consistently? That adds to the value of the game IMO.

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Nice review. My favorite scene was the split screen one towards the end of the movie. Great concept there ... and I too like how the movie ended. Clever, very clever ...