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Regardless of what state he might have been in, posting this kind of information does nothing to bring any solace to his parents, brothers, and everyone else who has lost him. Why don't you post his name as well, since that hasn't been released either? Judging whether or not he should have been driving just makes it worse on his family and friends and it's not going to bring him back. I believe that he should be left to truly rest in peace.

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"Police are also trying to determine why Alshaibi entered a party where he didn’t know anyone."

If anyone has to go to court over this--the line above will probably get the charges dropped.

The guy is 41, had been drinking earlier in the evening, and then went in someone's house where he didn't know anyone. I'm willing to bet he might have even provoked the confrontation after someone asked him why he was in their house.

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The smart kids were already having/going to house parties before this law went into effect.

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Boy am I glad I got all the facts in this story now. If I didn't come here and read all these comments, I might not "know" that I should think less of this guy's wife as a person. But now I "know" it and this means that there is now some basis for libel and slander. Good job Bentongirl, ali0670, and superB.

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Gee, so if he can pay all the fines THIS TIME, does that mean he will get to keep his license and continue being a danger to everyone? That's pretty sick that he's been charged twice with safety violations and it only cost him some money instead of having his license suspended for a decent amount of time.

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Much of what the bar owners in Iowa City have to say reminds me of when the smoking ban got put into effect. Bar owners complained, but there wasn't much anyone could do to change it. The bars that wanted to stay in business had to get creative and figure out other ways to compete since all the bars were supposed to be non-smoking. Sounds like it's time to figure out a way to survive without relying on the under 21 crowd. You can't tell me there isn't any way to do it, if you want to keep your business open.

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"Treimer said employees had to sign agreements that they would not do searches for people when there wasn't an inquiry for that person."

They signed an agreement and still did it anyways? I hope everyone else's records they looked at because they were bored comes after them, too.

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As bad as it is that they stole a bottle and are inexperienced drinkers anyhow, at least they had enough sense to get help when they realized 2 of their friends were wrose off than the rest of them. Kids do stupid things. It's part of growing up and learning to become an adult. I'm just glad they tried to get help for their friends.

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Yeah how could anyone forget that LOST was supposed to be for buying furniture and whatever else the council decides since it's been voted in?

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"Sixth grader Lena Adams said she’s home by herself most of the summer or taking care of a younger brother."

1) I thought you had to be older than 6th grade to be home alone--and taking care of someone younger.
2) Now everyone knows this young girl is home fairly often without parents around and she lives across the street from the school.

In this day and age, it wouldn't take much for some sick person to take advantage of reading this information. Just sayin'.