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Happy Luna day.

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I'm probably in the minority, but the reveal of what made Starlight Glimmer the villain ruined both episodes.

I found myself saying, "That's it! That's the whole reason behind why she wanted to take cutie marks away? Because she lost a friend and didn't want to make new friends!?"

Twilight, should have punched her in the face and yelled, "Get over it you sissy!"

I was expecting something more deep, along the lines she was a very talented unicorn and it ostracized her from making friends. Or even she saw how more talented ponies were treated differently, something deeper. Not just, "Wah! Wah! I lost a friend, I'll never make another friend again!"


Keep in mind, THAT'S THE WHOLE REASON, for her taking cutie marks away and wanting everyone to be equal.

It's weak.

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With that reply, it's a fact you're unreasonable and won't listen to anyone whose opinion differs from you.

You don't agree with me, we'll you're just a troll!

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At its heart, EQG is all about marketing and nothing more.

To be honest, MLP:FIM is marketing too but we're not discussing that now are we.

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Rehash of a lot that has already been covered in the show.

Reason for Discord's sleepwalking you could see a mile away, there was no surprise when it got revealed.

Some will think there's shipping, there isn't, you're reading too far into it.

Minor Luna personality development, which if you're a fan of hers isn't surprising, so it doesn't seem to add to her character. It's real minor so I wouldn't call it adding anything.

All and all, below average comic, even as a Luna fan I'm calling it, "Meh"

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#22 It's very obvious the artist's intention. I'm leaning towards trolling and a low hanging fruit one.

Go read their description of the picture.

A sarcastic: "Family Friendly potion consumption."

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As long as there's no consequences for said bullying, it will continue for a long time.

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Most viewers of any show are casual, that's always how it is.

Be glad they're not constantly shifting the time-slot of the show, that would be a death sentence.

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I called it, breaks "HURT" almost as bad as a wandering time slot, which they haven't done yet.

T.V. Show 101: When you start a new season you show it front to back, each week is a new episode until the season is over.

Viewers who tune in and see there's isn't a new episode this week, will tune out the next week. A second week makes it even worse, keep in mind the majority of viewers do not follow a show's schedule, they just tune in that week, no new episode and the feeling, "I guess the season is over" enters the mind.

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You're young, the fact you equate, "Marriage" to "Romance" shows it.

Romantic people are fun to hang around and be friends with, but romance doesn't pay the bills nor get work done.

Marriage, has more in common with a business merger or an alliance of two nations than anything romantic. If you haven't realized that, you're either: Young, like I said or going to go through a lot of divorces until you figure this out.

I speak from a family whose parents have been married for forty-eight years and both grandparents averaged seventy. Death, is what ended my grandparent's marriages.