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History of Celestia and Luna, without question. That show could easily, easily be the adventure based series Lauren had mentioned wanting, but wouldn't necessarily have to be limited to just adventure based themes.

Those two characters have such enormous potential to be extremely dynamic and powerful characters, it's almost impossible to comprehend that this idea hasn't been pitched around at least once or twice on a higher level before. The sheer creative and imaginative possibilities that could be brought to life by telling the story of these two characters is something that is simply gold waiting to be mined.

They're literally like the Batman and Superman of Pony! This shouldn't just happen, this needs to happen!

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I absolutely adore MLP:FiM, have received criticism from my friends, family, and girlfriend for my love of it even. I don't have a pony T-shirt for every day of the week, or Rainbow Dash underpants. Nor do I even have a cutiemark wallet. But I take that criticism of my personal enjoyments knowing that what I'm watching is a little bit more than just a cartoon. Yes. It's just an animated program originally created to appeal to little children, but it always had the direction to appeal to a wider audience from the outset. And this show for children achieved that goal in strides - for both children and adults.

What I, and we, have been witnessing is a revitalization of the animated medium. An animated show, a WESTERN animated show, has come along and has captured the hearts and minds of a wide-range of audience members. And it's done it by extolling the virtues of friendship and community. Aside from one, no one in this show has been blown to pieces or been denied a second chance. Every character, even the minor characters in the background, have a sense of autonomy to them. Television hardly achieves that with their primetime programming, so finding it in a children's cartoon show is pretty fucking unique and special in my opinion.

I haven't been paying attention to people's complaints about EqG. I listened too closely to peoples fears and worries for the Season 3 finale and got myself ALL WORKED UP AND SCARED! And guess what? It's my FAVORITE EPISODE OF THE ENTIRE SERIES!

This complaining stuff is, I'm sorry, simply retarded. Calm the fuck down people. Twilight has wings. Holy shit - world ending! Discord is a good guy now! My god, my face is going to melt off! Wait. No. It won't. Because, maybe... just maybe, DHX and crew know what they're doing. They might not be doing it *your* way, but they know what they're doing. If you can't take that, I'm sorry, but don't be a bitch and cry out loud like we all are *supposed* to really care.

Because the truth is this, the fandom does care. We care about your opinion and we care about our own opinions. We've put those opinions together in books, movements, music, art, literature, and so many varied ways to express our love for something we all feel uniquely yet uniformly connected to, and when it boils down to it, we shouldn't let those with over-bearing negative opinions, however few and loud they may be, become the flag bearers for what's ours'.

This fandom adores you DHX. We love the writers and staff that work on this show, and toil well into the wee hours just to produce something they feel is special. We love those who push those on the staff to achieve excellence with this program. We love those who created this show (Lauren Faust and the DHX staff), who give voice to the characters (the voice actors), who give story to those characters (the writers), who score and write epic musical numbers for the show. Most of us DO believe in M.A. Larson!

So just keep swimming, DHX, and don't let the haters get to you. We love you guys!

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I read it! And I completely agree.

I could be cynical and throw out some douchery about how people who have gleaned any greater life lessons from this show perhaps shouldn't be expected to behave normally when the crap hits the fan; but I'm one of those people, and I'm anticipating EqG, and Season 4. So... *shrug*

Some people just gotta bitch. :<

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Every now and then I watch some episodes with my niece. She gets a kick out of Pinkie Pie. :)

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Seriously, I LOVE this idea and have to just say how excited I am that you guys made this site! This is a wonderful idea and I know that I will personally put it to considerable use!

Thanks so much, EQD team!

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I personally think these designs are much better than the previous. That's not to say that there aren't issues with the new ones, but more to say that I feel these designs look more "natural" - if that makes sense. I personally think the extension/elongation of the hair to give the look that the characters have their manes and tails again I think is a great touch. I even really like the addition of their pony ears. I didn't even notice the ears and wings until taking a second look, and I think that's a good thing because - again - it made it feel more natural to me. I felt like I was looking at the cast of characters again instead of some spray-painted cosplayers like in the previous design(s).

-Pony ears
-The new long hair

-The cutie marks on their cheeks. It feels rather childish and forced. The inclusion of it on their clothing designs, I think, is a great idea though.
-The eyes are not expressive enough of the original characters themselves. Rainbow Dash's eyes are rounded, as are Applejack's and Pinkie's. In these designs, however, they all look like they have more of a Twilight eye design or Rarity. It's not awful, but it would give each character that extra bit of distinction that exists in the show, and allow us to connect with them better as fans if they looked right - IMHO.
-The lips. Omg those are horrible. Get rid of the geisha looking lips! Applejack, however, looks great. She can keep her's.

On the fence:
-The wings. For some reason, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's wings didn't jump out at me until I took a second glance. Twilight's on the other hand, are very visible. I love alicorn Twilight, but I don't really feel it works in this design. They're too big.
-The skin colors. In one hand, I don't like it because it looks unnatural (lol and pwny ears don't?) but on the other hand I like it because, again, it connects me back to the characters as they are supposed to be, which is good.

Anyhow, that's my two bits.

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#6 Absolutely love this song. The mixture of Fluttershy and RD in songs is always a perfect combination in my eyes, but the inclusion of Sweetie Belle in the chorus blows my mind. Awesome, awesome song!

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I was. And, no no! Thank you!

Seriously, keep it up the great work. :D

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Really really enjoyed that last PMV. The music in combination with the scenes just made it feel so rewarding to be a fan of this show.

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Well said, and I for one completely agree with everything said here.