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Gah, I would go to it in 2015, but knowing that it's most likely going to be in late June, I probably won't be able to. I have to go to Canada to be at my gf's prom then. :c

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Eh, it's a long, long store, but essentially, I just sort of had an epiphany recently. It's complicated.

But yeah, this is a good start. A good way to get your feet on the ground and get a good start. Good luck with everything.

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Gaaaah, I really hope they have screenings here in WNY (Buffalo, Niagara Falls, etc.). Or at least Toronto. I want to see it in theatres this time :c

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I know I've always railed against you in the past, but you know what? Good for you, man. :)

I would say this though as a caution. It's good to have the passion that you have for this type of stuff. But, I would say that you should try to necessarily go at it alone. Try to find more people who share some common ground with you. Find out what their perspectives are. Get to know them and let them know where you stand on certain things. It might take a while, but if you try hard enough, you might be able to amass enough allies in order to make an impact on what you want to change in this world.

In short, it's great that you have the passion for this stuff, but don't go at it alone for too long. There's always strength in numbers and if you can get enough people throughout different walks of life/different fandoms/whatever to side with you, you'll be able to make your case much more effectively.

Just thought I'd give you that advice as a bit of atonement for what I've said in the past.

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> Begins to watch*
> Lyra gives me some lols at the start*
> okayokaythisisgood.jpg
> #10 - Memories by Nutrafin
> ;~; shiiiiiiet *begins crying like I did when I saw this pop up on here a month or two ago*
> drowns EQD in tears of pure, unadulterated feels.

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But seriously though, I was thinking the exact same thing.

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I saw this on the Morones family's Facebook page. I do hope he's found.

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"There is a 'scientifically possible' chance that he has at least lied to ALL of his 'friends' or family members once."

Uhhhh what? Dude, you don't know him, so what claims can you actually make? Just because you hate him does not mean that others hate him. Just give it up dude... just give it up.

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... Really, Hub, like really? You couldn't have picked, uh, I don't know, a more interesting or engaging character like Rainbow Dash or Pinkie to center a marathon around? You had to cover the most boring, hated character in the series, huh? ggwp

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A very well reasoned and thought-out response to this issue. In fact, I share many of those same thoughts. And I am also hesitant to even go near another donation campaign by the family now because of this little snafu.