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That is adorable

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Bear is my favorite dirtbag book recommendation.

(It is a great book! Even/despite the ... ya know ... bear sex. But it is so fun to have other people read it without telling them about it)

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One tragic wedding I went to was a backyard barbecue on the hottest day of the year. They put all the food out hours ahead of time without covering it up, so by the time the ceremony started (not even the reception), the food had all sat roasting in the sun and was COVERED in flies.

The wedding party and family had started drinking around when the food was put out, so when we got there, one bridesmaid was passed out on the garage floor, while another was screaming about her dress being so short her tampon string was showing. (It was).

I was wearing fancy shorts and a nice top and was dressed more formally than all of the wedding party, except the bride. One groomsman wore foot long hunting knife strapped to his thigh.

I tried to put some of the food that hadn't spoiled yet in the fridge to keep it cool, but a pig's head was sitting on the top shelf in the refrigerator. So I put the food down and went home.

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My cat always does this when we move or I have to bring him places. He's really attached to me and very skittish. I keep his food and litter in my room for a few days. He also likes to sleep under the covers in my room when we go to new places.

For the first night in a new place, he needs to explore. Of course, he can't explore a new place without me walking exactly one step behind him. If I try to ignore him, he wanders around yowling and crying. So I spend at least one sleepless night stumbling behind the cat in the dark, until he finishes his survey. Then he's quiet and happy at night :)

Your kitty will be fine! It's just an adjustment period.

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My incredibly shy cat has reacted reasonable well to my roommate's cat.

Beebs started off in a home with a lot of cats, and he DID NOT get along with them, which I why I adopted him. He hid all the time. After a few years of living alone with me, he came out of his shell a bit. He is still shy and basically a grumpy old man, but that's just who he is.

When I moved in with someone with another cat, he was pretty shy, but kinda got over it. The other cat is younger (but still grown) and more energetic. Occasionally she 'hunts' Beebs, but they only fight for a few seconds before both lose interest. He swats at her if they get too close, but then she licks his head and they go back to ignoring each other. They're not cuddling or anything, but they get along reasonably well.

We didn't do anything to acclimate them to each other. They kept to their own space at first, and we just made sure they had their own litter boxes in separate rooms. There may be better ways to do it, but the world didn't end!

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My friend is just like this! She remembers much better when she has seen pictures of something. So she always takes pictures. Pre-cell phones, she kept cameras everywhere. If she missed a night or event, she almost can't remember it.

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We listened to almost the entire Daft Punk/fhqwhgads album a few weeks ago at a party until someone TURNED IT OFF BEFORE THE LAST SONG. We almost murdered him. We were so close. Also, it has been stuck in my head ever since. And will continue to be stuck in my head until the end of time.

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The kids are siblings and I'm 110% sure they call ALL of the grandparents grandma and grandpa. Kids don't make distinctions about in-laws, and in-laws should not make distinctions about which kids they choose to accept.

It's one thing if the kids involved are older teenagers or adults, but a ten and four year old? C'mon.

That's just cold-hearted.

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Ohhh!! These look amazing! Thanks for sharing!

(Also, cute puppy!)

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I'm in the midst of moving right now and I just packed my Fforde collection. I found out as I packed that I have inadvertently bought at least two versions of every book in the Thursday Next series. I have no regrets.