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It is a well known myth that there is no bacon in Israel. And everyone knows about the pigs.

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Yes, a Pakistani would be allowed to board an El Al flight, with a valid passport and ticket. There would be no broken bones or bruises, and there have been no "ethically cleansed" Palestinians (as has been pointed out many times - if Israel is trying to commit genocide, they really suck at it, since the Palestinian population has increased *significantly* since 1948)

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The woman at the Kotel was out of line. She could not possibly have known Ms Long was transgendered unless Ms Long was running around screaming, "I used to be a man!" I'm assuming (and I may be out of line here) that Ms Long was dressed in female clothing (skirt or pants), and has made her appearance to be womanly, since that is what she pursued. Assuming all that, the woman at the kotel had no business approaching Ms Long, had no business jumping to conclusions about Ms Long, and certainly was breaching the commandment not to embarrass a person. While my personal feelings on gay and trans people is complicated, the basics are unquestionable - they are God's creatures just as I am, they are human, and deserve to be treated as such. This Orthodox woman would not have had a problem with Ms Long, or Ms Ladin, or any other trans woman standing next to me at the Wall, davening.

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The Western Wall was built by Herod, not the priests or Levites. And many precepts of those days are followed; most of the ones that cannot be are replaced with a commemoration of some sort (ie, reading of the offerings in Shacharit, or Mussaf prayers)

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I was at Max's z"l funeral, and I remember Paige speaking. It was so beautiful and moving, and even then she hinted to be so affected by the outpouring of love her family received that she could see herself moving here. Welcome, Paige, we're happy you came home.

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"Breaking news"? This story came out in April. That doesn't take away from the fact that this is an amazing invention!

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I love this program. I've been using it for a few years now, and one of the things I like about it, which is not mentioned in the article, is the ability to see my history. I can track my cycles and immediately see any anomalies.

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“She told me it’s kosher” - who, in the Orthodox world, would rely on that? I fully support Hashagacha Pratit, but I always check the teudat of a place I've never eaten before. I think it's high time something like this happened,

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It's not meant to have social value. Its value is to the individual family. When I say importance to the Orthodox community, I mean to the individuals members of the community who follow the halacha of taharat hamishpacha. Just as a community kosher butcher is important to the Orthodox community.

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The mikvah at a shul I used to attend had an entrance around the back, away from the main entrance, but near the parking lot. On the extremely unlikely chance anyone saw you, they would have no idea why you were there.