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Woot, woot!!!! So glad the party keeps on! Always loved you ladies' duals (and reviews in general)... looking forward to more.

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Ahhhhh So pretty!!!!! Mexico is such an amazing place, most especially so in the region you visited. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed yourself!

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Yeap, I'd say that blogging did change my reading habits in that I now take notes while I'm reading, so that I can more easily recall certain quotes or plot points for inclusion in a review or some such.

But even more so, reading has changed my blogging habits. ^_^ By that, I mean that as I ramped up my reading (for liesure, as opposed to for school--blech ^_^) and started to read more romance titles, I felt more of a desire to share my thoughts and find out what others' impressions were on similar books.

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Badass title FTW. ^_^ I'm sold; thanks for the review!

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I freaking love that cover for Anna Dressed in Blood. Hell, even the title rocks. On the TBR it goes.

Now that you read and liked ADiB, Lethal, I have to recommend "The Restorer" by Amanda Stevens. I wish I could stand on the street corner and hand this book out like candy. Methinks you'll like it, even though it is a scary-pants ghost tale.

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Ah, LL's a reviewer for this site? ::subscribe, bookmark::

Awesome review. I really need to get on this series' train.

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Not entering the contest. Just now went and bought Forever Freed....the premise sounds irresistible, and the reviews on it are fab! Very much looking forward to reading it.
My recent post Review- Gotta Love a Cowboy by Sandy Sullivan

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"Lillian is a fountain of wetness and ejaculation..." LOL I had to have a good cackle at that observation. And I cannot get over the line in the book referencing "love cream." Wow. Thank you for reading this one and sharing your thoughts on it!

12 years ago @ http://fangswandsandfa... - Extra! Breaking[ish] ... · 1 reply · +1 points

Well, good for Ms. Harris. I remember her saying a few books ago that she knew how she wanted the series to end, and has known since about the third book. Something along those lines. But Sookie definitely deserves her happy ending, and Ms. Harris deserves to have freedom to work on other projects. Again I say, good for her! ^_^

That said...I'm gonna miss Sookie!

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Oh dear. I can almost assuredly say that I wouldn't survive a zombie apocalypse. But I might be able to crack into an interactive book about it. ^_^ Thank you for the great review! I'll have to keep the lights on when reading it.